What is Tarot & how can it help me?

What is Tarot?

Tarot is the ancient art of divination (the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means) originating (it is believed) from the mid-15th century in Europe as ‘playing cards’.  In the late 18th century Tarot began to be used for divination purposes.  Much mystery surrounded Tarot, talk of witches, wizards and spells ensured Tarot gathered a supernatural and often scary reputation.  Its reputation was/is unjust.  A standard Tarot deck consists of 78 picture cards, the 78 cards are divided into two sections: 22 Major Arcana (or Trump) cards and 56 Minor (or Pip) cards.

Carl Jung believed Major cards hold deep psychological significance so when they appear in a spread special notice should be taken.  The 22 Major Arcana cards represent a different stage of human existence: from The Fool with the idea of something, culminating with The World having achieved it and ready for the next adventure.

The Minor part of the deck (56 cards) are further split into four suits: Wands (representing the Fire element), Cups (representing the Water element), Swords (representing the Air element) and Pentacles (representing the Earth element).  Each suit contains 14 cards: 4 Court Cards (King, Queen, Knight & Page) and Ten journey cards depicting every day events.

Two people are involved in a Tarot reading: the reader and the querent (the person requesting a reading).  The querent ‘typically’ shuffles the/a deck and selects an amount of cards.  These are laid out into a ‘spread’.  The ‘spread’ allows the reader to then begin to interpret the story the picture cards are unfolding in front of you.  Many readers have the ability to further hone in to the reading  using their psychic or intuitive ability  which enhances the reading.

How can it help me?

Previously Tarot was known as fortune telling, in modern day it is used for guidance.  The story that unfolds allows the querent to ask questions.  Tarot often picks up on deeper issues especially when Major cards appear.

If you have a question regarding a personal situation or simply require general guidance, Tarot can answer that call.