Wands (also known as Batons, Rods, Staffs & Clubs) are linked to the Fire element and typically represent ambition, drive and success.

Keywords for Wands:

Positive qualities: drive, self-motivation, vision and energy

Negative qualities: egotism, pride & foolhardy behaviour

King of Wands – Arrogant & uncontrolled, Adventurous & self assured

Queen of Wands – Unaware of own needs & emotionally controlling, Magnetic & dynamic

Knight of Wands – Vain & bragging, Adventurous & passionate

Page of Wands – Lack of ambition or enthusiasm, New Insight or direction,

Ace of Wands – Fresh start, Inspirational idea, Procrastination and too Pushy & Self-Assured

Two of Wands – Showing you mean business, Impatience, Courage, Cowardice

Three of Wands – Setbacks, Expansion, Starting a new journey, Unable to see the truth

Four of Wands – Celebration, Free yourself from unsuitable situations or relationships, Self-doubt, Stuck

Five of Wands – Healthy competition, Battling oneself, Feeling challenged, Not taking control

Six of Wands – Victory, Pride before a fall, Acknowledgment of effort & work, Feeling superior

Seven of Wands– Standing your ground, Vulnerability, Fighting with self, Taking the right action

Eight of Wands – Acceleration of ideas/plans, Rushing ahead, Quick developments, Everything is up in the air

Nine of Wands – Defensive, Have courage & face your attackers, Suspicious & Paranoid, Able to move on

Ten of Wands – Too burdened, Reassessment, All work & no play, Ignoring personal or relationship needs