Pentacles (also known as Coins, Discs or Diamonds) relate to the Earth element: representing tangible results, how we make ends meet

Keywords for Pentacles:

Positive qualities: feeling safe & secure, reliable, loyal

Negative qualities: money grabbing, not acting in your best interests

King of Pentacles – obsessed with making money, ignores relationships & midas touch, charismatic & supportive

Queen of Pentacles – unsympathetic, jealous, controlling & nurturing, realistic, makes the most of her opportunities in life

Knight of Pentacles – commitment phobe, shut down emotionally & realises the slow pace will achieve results, hardworking & determined

Page of Pentacles – self-focussed, impractical & knows limitations & improves them, manages money well

Ace of Pentacles – playing with fire, untrustworthy & rewarded for something, makes a success

Two of Pentacles – juggling too much, ignoring an emotional situation & enjoying the ups & downs of life & dealing with them effectively

Three of Pentacles – worrying about what others think rather than standing on your own two feet, doesn’t develop own skills & co-operative team player, aware of potential

Four of Pentacles – controlling, miserly & can establish own empire

Five of Pentacles – feeling out in the cold, vulnerable & can see a way through, goes after what’s missing in life

Six of Pentacles – kindness shown is a veil for hidden motives, dominating & generous, thoughtful

Seven of Pentacles – too much going on, not acting & cutting the dead wood away, evaluates achievements & mistakes equally

Eight of Pentacles – ignoring relationship or life issues to focus solely on business/work, bored & dedicated, hard working & focussing on talents/career path

Nine of Pentacles – putting materialism over love, feeling unloved or unrewarded & resourceful, in control (healthily)

Ten of Pentacles – identity crisis – who am I?  wasting money & time, wealth, traditional family values