Swords (also known as Spades) relate to the Air element: representing our thoughts, communication and how we deal with stress

Keywords for Swords:

Positive qualities: positive thoughts & communication, able to decisively, efficiently & quickly act

Negative qualities: allowing our thoughts to rule, deception, illusions

King of Swords – too assertive, bullying behaviour & articulate, direct

Queen of Swords – remembering a past hurt – unable to move on, suppressing emotional needs & withdrawn

Knight of Swords – mercenary behaviour, lacking sensitivity & self-assured, critical to others

Page of Swords – deceiving self & others, challenges others but not self & ready, prepared for action, righting a wrong

Ace of Swords– panic attacks, over analysis & seeing the truth, cutting through illusion, justice

Two of Swords – conflicted emotions, not opening up & cool & unavailable

Three of Swords – feeling wounded & criticised & using logic over emotion

Four of Swords – retreating from something rather than working to a battle plan & over thinking, taking time out to bounce back

Five of Swords – are you the victim or the bully?  Defeats/Wins & power games

Six of Swords – feeling lost or depressed & moving away from troubles, leaving the past behind

Seven of Swords – avoiding responsibility, subterfuge & having to deceive others for the right outcome

Eight of Swords – feeling restricted, no direction & victimised

Nine of Swords – nightmares, anxiety & regretting something

Ten of Swords – exaggerating your problems, self-pity & turning point, cutting through illusions