Cups relate to the Water element: representing emotions, relationships and how you deal with them

Keywords for Cups:

Positive qualities:  imagination, emotional senses, reactions & impulses, love

Negative qualities: blocked emotions, over emotional, over indulgence

King of Cups – Unfeeling & controlling, keeping head in a crisis & emotionally balanced

Queen of Cups – Unable to see the truth & uncaring, patient & willing to help others

Knight of Cups – Exaggerated feelings & lets others down, new invitation for emotional relationship & romantic

Page of Cups – feelings cut off & day dreamer, new direction in love & trusting intuition

Ace of Cups – explosive emotionally & infatuated, love is in the air & expressing feelings positively

Two of Cups – unhealthy exclusivity & jumping into a relationship, reconciliation & forgiveness

Three of Cups – too much partying, not sorting out priorities & enjoying life, team or group endeavours

Four of Cups – doubting self, glass half empty & not able to see what is on offer

Five of Cups – feeling loss, not able to see the good in life & sadness or regret

Six of Cups – living too much in the past, not taking responsibility, someone/something having too much control over you & use kid gloves to handle a situation, sweetness & light

Seven of Cups – wishful thinking, making a decision based on materialistic values & feeling overwhelmed, false hope

Eight of Cups – not moving on – stuck in a rut, changing direction & questions about a relationship – do I stay/do I go & needing more from life

Nine of Cups – smug, self indulgence & contentment, supporting others

Ten of Cups – work/life balance is required, working towards something & family happiness