The 9 Numbers (Energies)

As mentioned on the Home page 9 energies make up everything within our Universe.  So how then can everyone be unique I hear you ask?  You are not your numbers they are what you are here to experience; to better explain I’ve added a celebrity section with their numbers included.  Kerry Katona and Lindsay Lohan’s date of births both add to 33/6, so they will both have similar experiences.  Their names give added numbers (energies) that will either enhance their potential or perhaps make their journey or experiences harsher.

Each number for an individual will vibrate at a different speed, think of the colour red, there are different shades and tones.  When red is mixed with other colours it expresses itself differently, this is the same for our numbers that make up our date of birth and names.  For a quick snapshot of the 9 numbers see below, a fuller section is listed separately.

  1. Leader of the pack – independence/courage v opinionated/self-conscious
  2. 2 heads are better than 1 – diplomatic/kind v dependant/nit picky
  3. The Sunshine number – fun/lucky v chaotic/self-critical
  4. Stability matters – ambitious/practical v rigid/stingy
  5. Everybody changes – easy chatter/free v doesn’t commit/loses potential
  6. The number of love – artistic/supportive v controlling/fails to love self
  7. Intuition – studious/perfection v over analytical/reclusive
  8. Personal power & excellence – problem solver/expansion v lacks self-esteem/driven by wealth
  9. Completion of cycle – multi-talented/compassionate v lacks direction/intolerant

The 0 in all number combinations should also be noted: purity/cosmic connection v overwhelmed/lost