Master Number Energies

What is a Master number?  A master number is any double digit number: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99. Most Numerologists tend to only identify with the first three.  I identify with any double digit number especially the first three.

Why are Master numbers important or significant?  A Master number offers opportunities for learning and further personal development than perhaps other numbers.  This does not mean that a single digit number cannot achieve a higher state, it can.  People who have Master numbers in their profile tend to find life that bit more difficult than those without.  A snapshot of each Master number is below with a fuller section below each.

11:  sensitive/psychic v nervousness/lack of confidence

22: independence/visionary v laziness/naviety

33: healer/honest v dramatic/emotionally controlling

44: self control/adaptable v cup half empty/destructive

55: courageous/genius v panic attacks/doesn’t listen

66: loyal/tunes in to others feelings v self-absorbed/critical

77: accomplished/studious v over analytical/perfectionist

88: inner wisdom/balanced v egotistical/overly critical

99: artistic/humanitarian v victim/depressive