Karmic Debt Energy

There are four Karmic Debt numbers; 13, 14, 16 and 19.  Karmic Debts give their owner an extra burden in life, they can feel as ‘if you’ve done something wrong in a previous life and now it’s pay back time’.  Karmic Debts can be viewed as life lessons that you are destined to repeat time and time again.  Once your lesson has been learnt and you understand why they have occurred the debt has been repaid and life runs a little smoother.

The numbers are:

13/4 – typically people with these numbers are asked to develop a spiritual conscience.  Many over work with some resulting to laziness as it can be too much effort to achieve their end result.  Individuals with these numbers do feel as if it’s all work and no play.  They are asked to learn to express themselves in a positive way as many can come across to others as critical and/or aggressive at times.

14/5 – life for these individuals can feel as if they are in the middle of a whirl pool at times, life throwing issues at them to continuously deal with.  Many have to learn moderation and commitment, they are hugely talented but may at times end up not actually achieving anything.  This is mainly due to lack of focus or direction, commitment is key to this energy.

16/7 – this particular number can feel as if they are here to experience some form of betrayal by a loved one: partners, friends or family.  They tend to overanalyse everything to the point of not acting when they should.  They feel a huge responsibility to others.   The 16/7 energy is asked to rely on their inner guidance, their intuition to lead them forward – not to listen to others.   of cards – its useful because of the image the 16/7 portrays in this deck.

19/10/1 – those with these numbers can experience bullying and intimidation by one or more individuals until they learn to stand up for themselves.  Some wing from being dominated to being the dominator until they achieve a balance.