January 2020

January 2020 – Act don’t dream

Happy Birthday! As much as it’s your birthday month you may not feel like celebrating or something inside you is urging you to restrain yourself. Follow your gut instinct. You’re normally pragmatic when dealing with problems, act the same this month. Don’t allow others to ‘wind you up’. On a lighter note an opportunity may arise that offers you a ‘golden ticket’. Don’t dream about it, act on it or it’ll fade into nothing.

February 2020 – Take the centre line

You’re asked to help and support others this month, not necessarily financial but with words and acts of kindness. Broaden your outlook on life, do something you wouldn’t normally do and allow new and exciting energy in. On one hand you’re asked to make your mind regarding long standing issues on the other you’re asked to pause and bide your time. Only you know which way each situation should be handled for the best outcome.

March 2020 – Give your mind a break

This feels like a big month for March births as its karmic energy relates to the year’s energy. If you aren’t taking responsibility for yourself in areas of your life that you should, then do so. Stand up and be counted. Be wary of allowing perceived criticism to take hold, it really doesn’t matter. Taking a step back and ignoring the spotlight you’re normally in works wonders for your overall mental health as you’re giving your overworked mind a well earned break.

April 2020 – Don’t overdo anything

Don’t allow discipline and organised behaviour to turn into something unhealthy. You need to put the work in and get a lot done but that shouldn’t turn you into a workhorse. Even if you suffer from shyness etc you’re still a ‘people’ person, show it, have an open door policy. You’ll be amazed who turns up! Do something for your community – single April births may even meet someone along the way.

May 2020 – Order from chaos

A sudden realisation of your behaviour drops into your lap. Take note and make the necessary changes before karma does it for you. Gently step down from the high tower you’re in and be real. For others a feeling of happiness sweeps over you when you understand that the suffering is passing, life improves. Good luck to you. Expect a little chaos in your life this month as a change and teaching energy flows in. Keep your mind ordered it’ll help with the chaotic energy.

June 2020 – Don’t overspend! – Read July monthly births – they are closely linked

Money may be at at the forefront of your mind this month, whatever you do don’t overspend or think everything will be ok. Something in you may believe you deserve more but remember the bill comes in at the end! You may have an urge to volunteer or give time to a good cause, do it. Don’t allow moodiness to turn into depression, speak to someone, perhaps your imagination is running away with you and you require reining in. You’re a good person, you just don’t realise it.

July 2020 – Come out of your head! – Read June monthly births – they are closely linked

You may have previously been misunderstood because the energy coming in shows you’re now being appreciated. Show your partner how much you care about them, they’re feeling ignored. You’re in your head so much that at times you lack direction, come out and face reality, worrying about problems doesn’t make them go away. Money is well aspected so spend it wisely.

August 2020 – Drama

Drama, drama, drama, it’s all around you. Take a step back and let others fight their own battles. Don’t let money be your driving force, you’ll come unstuck. As much as you need to show others you mean business deal with them tenderly and lovingly while still getting your point across. You have an opportunity this month to grab a situation and run with it, don’t let it slip through your fingers.

September 2020 – Open your mind – Read November monthly births – they are closely linked

Tunnel vision gets you nowhere, by opening your mind you’ll improve your ‘lot’. This month may well be the time that you do battle for what you want or consider is yours. Right will triumph but you can always help it along. Some are lucky enough to sit back this month and watch their past efforts pay off. For others you feel as if you’re always having to prove yourself but maybe you are your biggest critic.

October 2020 – Ride it out

You have so many opportunities this month it’s ridiculous. Can you see them? Don’t allow your negatives to run away with you or even your positives, balance is called for. You literally have the Midas touch, enjoy. Life goes up and down, this month is no exception. When things go well other areas of your life seem to dip – take the good with the bad and ride it out.

November 2020 – Take yourself in hand – Read September monthly births – they are closely linked

A new direction is beckoning, new job or change is on its way. You may have to adapt quickly but it’ll be worth it. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious, spread some joy, you don’t realise how inspiring you can be. Be wary of overindulging or allowing negative behaviour to take a hold, take yourself in hand. Your genius mind overflows with imagination, use it to express yourself creatively.

December 2020 – Enjoy life

Regardless of what’s gone on, take a back seat and don’t make decisions based on regret or anger. Things may appear different in a couple of months. You’re such a responsible soul and typically sort problems quickly and efficiently and bounce back better than ever. This time recognise how good you are. Take time out and have fun, meet someone new and enjoy life.