April Energy 2020

Each month has its own energy, as we move closer to the oncoming month its vibration can be felt by everyone regardless of the birth month. Your experiences of the month are based on effort previously input, your current situation, country and global events.

Energy is both good and pad, negative and positive, it knows no difference. It’s our interpretation of its effects or waves that leaves us either elated or devastated.

With the current climate it’s very difficult to paint a positive picture but there are glimmers of hope. This month’s energy is governed by hope, effort and manifestation. April’s energy offers the chance to rebuild your skill set and to push for success.  It warns against greed or not developing yourself in some way. Take this time and use the month’s energy in the best way you can.

The underlining energy is one of breaking free from constraints you believe are imposed by others. The one thing we can do regarding the latter is break free from our mindsets and use this time in solitude to ‘know’ yourself. You’re more than a job, a boss, a worker, an employee, you’re a unique individual who probably doesn’t really know itself very well. Solitude can change that. The real ‘you’ gets lost because the majority have to work for a living to buy food and pay bills. The real ‘you’ gets lost because you have to take whatever job comes along rather than devote yourself to painting, singing or any other activity that inspires you. Why not try it now? Find your voice and show the world!