April 2020 Horoscopes

January 2020 – Take your time
Be wary of over thinking or working overly hard on something as it could result in burn out. What a shame if it does as our Star won’t shine. Believe it or not opportunities may be out there for you. Look and you’ll find. Take your time with relationships, be they virtual or in person – don’t jump the gun. Don’t ignore problems they won’t go away, they’ll only mount up.

February 2020 – Stay on the path
Some may give in to lack of interest or boredom – don’t – you’ll only breed more of it. For others they’ll find the joy in learning new things or feeling appreciated. The energy surrounding February births this month is of the genius, the one who comes up with eccentric inventions that prove successful. Be wary of allowing your emotions to boil into a volcanic situation.

March 2020 – New lease of life
Believe it or not some may have a new lease of life in these unusual times, a new phase in your life is trying to emerge. There’s no escape from effort though, you’re asked to keep your eye on the ball at all times. I normally encourage focus on one activity at a time but this month wants you to flit about, enjoy it.

April 2020 – Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday! April births more than others are being asked for more tolerance, compassion and kindness this month – sorry! Don’t allow your thoughts to ‘drag you down’, find an outlet for them. Read an ebook or start using podcasts, do something different to brighten your day. As this is your birthday month typically you’d be asked to lay down plans for the future, can you still do this?

May 2020 – New awakening
Every one’s going through change but May births have the ability to transform themselves during this month. The energy surrounding you is of a new awakening, you’ve realised something about yourself you didn’t know or have accepted who you are. Believe it or not it’ll help. Be wary of being too detailed with someone or in a report you’re typing it may come across as preachy!

June 2020 – Shake Up – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked
Shake things up and do some different things – if you can. Learn new ways of having fun, ease your boredom. Circumstances may be throwing you around at the moment but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to its every whim. A new money making scheme may drop into your lap. If you’re serious about it put your business head on.

July 2020 – Change – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked
This month’s energy reflects overwork and idleness. Some have to put their all into this month, others want to but can’t. Money may be at the forefront of your mind, have you spent too much or not got enough? Either way keep ‘plugging away’. How are you dealing with the changes life has brought this month? Some may not be able to do anything about it but those that can please try. Perhaps create a routine or contact those you’ve wanted to for a long time.

August 2020 – Help others find their feet
Have you too many irons in the fire? If so, pull some out until the time is ready. You have an ability this month to dig deep and help those around you, even having an intuitive understanding into their woes. Be wary of preaching or showing others your way. Support them to find their feet.

September 2020 – Meaning well – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked
If you’re having to control the environment you have found yourself in with others, explain yourself to them. You may mean well but they’ll see it as emotionally controlling. Others may take on way too much. Don’t allow your over active imagination to run riot! Some may have been playing two camps and are now being caught out – yikes!

October 2020 – Mover & Shaker
This month may be asking you to look at alternatives for employment, for yourself or literally another way of thinking. Whichever it is talk to others, be careful of being lost in your mind or losing your grip on an important situation. You’re a mover and shaker, do it now.

November 2020 – Use your skills – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked
Some are asked to keep a low profile this month while others may feel as if life is testing them, always pushing them into situations they can’t control. Some may have a way out. Keeping a low profile doesn’t mean not supporting others, if anything be the power behind the throne, put your skill set to use.

December 2020 – Open to possibilities
You may want to cause trouble for someone this month, wait. Is the time right? Charm them instead. Common sense is on your side use it. For others, has pretending everything is fine worked out for you? If it hasn’t do something about it. Remember your birth sign is always open to new possibilities.