February 2020

January 2020 – You’re winning the war

It may feel as if you’re fighting a never ending battle, you’re not, you are getting there, keep plugging away. You need to be involved. Don’t take risks, research and ensure every step is well planned. This is not the month for surging forward it’s more about preparing and sowing the seeds. Allow your intuition to guide you in other areas of your life. This may be a sensitive month where dramatic energies are flying around, take a step back from them.

February 2020 – Watch the money

Everything may feel as if it’s happening so fast this month that you struggle to breathe. Don’t burn out ensure you have enough mental down time to make the right decisions. This month is governed by the number 8 which means proceed with caution in money matters, cross your ‘t’s’ and dot your ‘i’s’, don’t leave anything to chance. Someone around you may be out for trouble or want to cause an argument to stir you up, don’t allow them. If you tread carefully and don’t give into anxiety or perceived slights this could be a very good month.

March 2020 – Shine

This month’s energy offers you a chance to head in a new direction, it could be good. You may be tempted to spend more than you have this month, run from that feeling. Feeling indecisive about an important event or business deal typically means something isn’t right with it so don’t be railroaded into doing something you may regret. Do something creative this month and let your personality shine!

April 2020 – Life’s rollercoaster

You may not like it but this month your personal needs are pushed to the back burner while you support another. It won’t stop your plans moving forward in fact they might be better without your interference. Life is trying to force the end of one cycle and beginning of another. Be wary of wasting time and money as your mind struggles to focus on the tasks in hand. Luck is on your side so put it to use.

May 2020 – Jumpstart your life

Some may feel their enthusiasm is at an all time high helping them feel they can attain great heights. If this isn’t you, fake it till you feel it, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. This is the month for you to work exceptionally hard to achieve the results you so desperately want. Use this month’s energy to find that new job, direction or to jumpstart your life.

June 2020 – Take heed of dreams

When we sleep our brains process information gathered during the day without this important step you would be left feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. Good sleep and food are your orders for this month, with both you can conquer the world. Intense dreams may give you the answers you so desperately want to help you decide your next steps.

July 2020 – Change your thinking

All the signs are there for you to be a success so what’s stopping you? This month take responsibility and be assertive, do your fair share of the work and you’ll come out smiling. For the lucky few money is on its way to you. Energy comes in all shapes and sizes and feeling trapped is slap bang in the middle. Change your situation by altering your thoughts, it could work wonders.

August 2020 – Light bulb month

Tread carefully this month especially if your ego or seeing pound signs are taking over from common sense. Not a month for partying or burning the candle at both ends but a month for introspection and study. Be wary of passing on information unless it’s accurate, white lies or exaggeration will come back to haunt you. On a lighter note some may feel as if a light bulb has gone on in their head, the truth is suddenly apparent.

September 2020 – Wisdom is your birth right

As the 9th month of the year September births are gifted with an ability to bounce back, sometimes bigger and better than before. Put plans in place this month to ensure March energy not only helps you return to the ‘stage’ but also helps you understand what happened. Pretending everything is fine doesn’t mean the problem will go away, it’ll just amplify. Face life, deal with the issues and come out on top, September births were born to do this.

October 2020 – Save the Planet

This month you’re asked to look beyond your own front door at the world’s issues. Literally you’re being asked to get involved in some way and help Save the Planet! On a more serious note controlling the waste in your own house is enough to be involved and your first step. If you’re feeling moody or down talk to someone, don’t allow the negativity in your mind to take over. Remember you’re not alone.

November 2020 – Bring the peace – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

You lucky November births! New beginnings are on the horizon, relationships, jobs, moving house, everything’s up for grabs. Remember the wheel of life only moves when you take that first step, otherwise it’s stagnant. You may be required to be the peace maker for close friends or family, accept the challenge and bring the peace.

December 2020 – Go for gold!

Sorry December births but another month of working exceptionally hard, but it could be worth it. Feeling as if you’re on a cliff edge isn’t always fun but at least it’s not boring! Follow your heart’s desire or at least the ideas popping into your head. The only caveat to that is to ensure your idea(s) are realistic. Naivety may be an issue i.e. you’re not seeing someone for who they truly are, open your eyes.