Horoscopes 2020

New Year 2020

The year 2020 offers us a significant step up the ladder in terms of growth in all aspects of life. It’s our choice if we choose to rise to the challenges on offer.

  • Accepting working behind the scenes is as important as centre stage
  • Seeing the path in front of you clearer than previously and having the confidence to take the first steps
  • A great deal can be achieved this year by everyone
  • Individuals step forward to help mankind move to their next level of growth
  • If you feel your emotional needs aren’t being met this year’s energy offers you strength to begin to explore what it is you want and the courage to stand up for yourself
  • Learning to be patient and kind to others
  • Make reasoned decisions and not resorting to confusion
  • Controlling emotional outbursts and violent tendencies and understanding where the frustration and hurt originates from
  • The year’s energy can appear unstable but so much good can come from chaos and discord

This year’s supporting energy engulfs us with possibilities both good and bad. Some may take their anxiety and sensitivity to another level, others will at last understand who they are. Once the latter jump off the never ending spin of the wheel their lives improve tremendously.

Problem solving and genius ideas are at the forefront this year, make use of their energy, it could be profitable. Don’t ignore those crazy ideas, you never know where they could take you.