May 2019

January – Begin life again

Situations come to an end this month.  Some you’ll be pleased about others not so.  Improve upon the ‘not so ones’ by redoing them somehow.  You could earn from them.  Much can be learnt from the next few weeks so keep your eyes open.  Tolerance and understanding is needed this month so exude it.  Use your vision and wisdom to improve the situations around you, you can do this.  You know who you are so now’s the time to end this identity crisis about yourself.  Begin life again.

February – Act on your promises

You need to follow through on your promises this month, don’t let others down, they’re depending on you.  If you feel like you have no control over your life whose to blame?  It’s you.  Take back control.  Feeling as if you’re being swept along with others ideas is scary, slow them down.  Be careful of pushing yourself to the limits as you’ll pay for it later.  Others may want your time and attention as they’re in need of your support.  Give it to them.

March – Recognise how good you are

You may have a few intense dreams this month as someone is trying to help you solve a problem.   You always do the right thing so why are you struggling with this situation?  You’re a hard worker and dedicated to anything you put your mind to but what about furthering yourself?  Don’t forget your needs and the fact you deserve recognition for the hard work you put in, don’t get passed over.  Look at the areas in your person life, is there something you aren’t taking responsibility for?  Don’t keep ignoring it, it won’t go away.

April – Nuts!

It may feel as if everyone has gone nuts this month, they haven’t, they’re just drawn to you!  Bide your time it’ll soon pass.  Keep your feet on the ground and don’t get caught up in other people’s dramas.  Several options are being offered to you so confusion could reign.  You may find your heart wants one thing and your head knows another will work.  Difficult choice but one you must make.  Learning a new skill will improve your future options and potentially bring in more money.  Ps wishful thinking never solved anything, put the work in.

May – Be in control, not others

Happy birthday guys!  Use your birthday month energy to push yourself forward and to take one or two risks – enjoy them.  For some this month gives them the results or conclusions they have been seeking whereas others are left still waiting and perhaps worrying.  Either way take hold of the situations you are in and improve them, don’t accept either as the end result, you can expect better.  Good karma is waiting for you when you take the necessary steps forward.  Be in control.

June – Be committed – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

If you struggle with commitment to work or loved ones keep plugging away.  Nothing is easy it all requires work.  If you want to end something do it the right way.  You may feel like a doormat this month, perhaps you have to suck it up, only you can decide if you deserve it.  Standing your ground shouldn’t feel as if you are always arguing with others so perhaps it’s how you deal with stress that is the problem.

July – Good times – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Yay what a good month this could be for you.  Money or luck may be on its way so embrace and enjoy, it’s a long time coming.  Rein in your scattered thoughts and carry on focussing on the tasks in hand no matter how hard it is.  The lessons you’ve learnt will help you roll with life’s ups and downs.  Put plans in place to turn something into gold so look at your strengths and work on them.

August – Work hard

It’s time to rein in any merrymaking and knuckle down.  Be on time, be disciplined with yourself and put the hard work in, don’t skip stages or steps to achieve results, you’ll wish you hadn’t.  If you need to let off steam do it on your own not in front of others as it won’t solve anything.  This is a good time to make plans for the future especially babies, weddings or that long held dream.

September – Be responsible – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Use your gift of the gab to win others over especially if you’re attracted to them as you never know where you may end up!  Keep focused at work etc otherwise problems may arise that could so easily have been avoided.  You can’t ignore bills that require paying so balance is needed when feeling the urge to drop everything and have fun.  Don’t bend the truth or tell others what they wish to hear, be honest.

October – Rise from the ashes

You may feel as if bad luck is following you around at the moment, it isn’t, it just feels that way.  Recognise that all things come to an end which means there are new beginnings waiting for you.  Give 3 months for everything to unfold without pushing from you.  Look for ways to pick yourself up.  Others see the bigger picture and realise that these are stages for them to ‘get through’ and learn lessons like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Money awaits for some.

November – Work on yourself – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Hmm, there’s a lot expected of you this month so don’t allow it to ‘get under your skin’ as you’ll end up doubting your ability and not achieving anything.  Work on your self-control and get any bad habits in check. You can literally make things happen this month so don’t waste May’s energy.  If you’re feeling defensive go for a run, don’t give in to negative feelings.

December – Evaluate your position before ‘jumping’

Be wary of looking for perfection this month especially with important decisions, nothing is perfect.  Look for the pros & cons and balance out your thinking, don’t jump yet, give it time as something is waiting in the wings.  You may lose more than you gain so think twice.  If some of you are feeling lonely, join a social group that allows you to meet others of like mind, don’t fester.  News may arrive that could change your perspective.