March 2019

January 2019 – Spotlight

You may feel pushed into the spotlight in some way, it’s not a bad thing, it’ll just feel like it. The old cliché of one journey coming to an end and another beginning is apt for January births this month. Make the most of it, don’t sit back, put your energy, time and talents to good use. Feeling let down is a reaction to other people’s choices, there is nothing you can do about it. Life isn’t over, it’s just different.

February 2019 – Improving

Don’t allow panic and over worry to cloud your judgement or allow it to push you to become obsessed with having the right result, or the result that only you won’t. Try living for the moment and ‘just for this month’ stop planning, your body will thank you. Some may feel pushed out of situations that they ‘want in on’. Work out how you can change it without offending others. This month you’re asked to focus on you but not in a self-obsessed way, its more to do with improving yourself.

March 2019 – Premonition and intuition

Happy Birthday March births. Some may be able to build upon their dreams while others find when they get there it wasn’t what they expected. Be wary of giving your all this month as it could leave you feeling exhausted, you’ll need your energy later on. Being a saint only helps others. Allow 3 months for something to unfold without you pushing and pushing for it. Premonitions and intuition are available to you this month so look out for them, they’ll help you with your next steps.

April 2019 – Be passionate with the right things

This month’s energy urges you to take your time when making a decision that will take you along a different path. There may be some hidden issues you haven’t seen, uncover everything and then act. If you want that happy ever after you have to work for it, don’t sit back expecting it to arrive at your door. You may also need to rein in finances and anything that will cause you extra stress. We know you’re passionate so point it in the right direction.

May 2019 – Relax & enjoy life

You’re naturally prone to over worrying, the problem is this month’s energy may exaggerate it. Do your level best to rationalise any frantic criticism of self or others and rein in your feelings. People don’t realise how close to the surface your feelings are. So when they say something to you about you that they think is helpful they’re sometimes shocked with your reactions. Overall this is a month of fun – so enjoy!

June 2019 – Work at everything – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

This month is fairly important for you so take note of what’s going on around you. Are you being led a merry dance by someone? Could you take control of a situation that is affecting you that you are sitting back on? All these questions and your actions will ensure you come out on top by the end of this month. It’s your choice. Something you’ve either started or are thinking of beginning will need a lot of work but can pay off. Don’t be put off by obstructions, work around them.

July 2019 – Remember the other person – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Change is in the air for you whether you’re expecting it or not. Take stock but take the opportunity to rid yourself of things or people that either aren’t working for you or are not in your best interests. Believe it not although you can talk for England you actually struggle to express yourself in a positive way to others. When in company don’t forget to ask them questions, otherwise its you talking all the time.

August 2019 – Lucky August births

Sometimes August births can come across as ‘know it alls’ which is a shame as you’re misunderstood. You’re always so busy that you never stop to think about others. These are not negatives, they’re merely explaining that you don’t have time to dilly dally. Life affords you so many opportunities and new beginnings that at times it may cause others to be envious. If you don’t see yourself as someone that has these opportunities then perhaps you’re self esteem needs building up. Those exact same chances are there for you.

September 2019 – Think twice – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

If you’re forever arguing with one person or a few, maybe its you that needs to rein it in. This month is about you thinking and not acting without thought. You may even shock yourself that how well you come across to others when you change direction in your approach. The energy surrounding you this month is passionate and loving, you may feel the urge to ‘jump’ into a quick romantic entanglement, but think twice.

October 2019 – Check yourself

For some their actions this month will have an impact for years to come – make sure you act with good intentions. If you have a number of problems, sit down, write them down and then take them apart, you can deal with them easily. If past issues are worrying you or weighing you down look at what caused them as there may not be a simple way out. If someone is being distant with you, are you at fault? Are you being too overbearing or controlling? Believe it or not you can be.

November 2019 – Walking on egg shells – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Some of the challenges November births face is to do with ensuring they have routine, order and structure in their life, perhaps even to understand the balance between working enough or overworking. This month wants to pull you away from that and may lead you down the path to over indulgence or irresponsibility to the extent it causes you big issues. November births attract a lot of ‘karmic’ situations so remember to only do what you know you can safely come back from.

December 2019 – Fake it till you Feel it

A second chance at life is offered to you this month, it’s not going to be staring you in the face so you’ll have to work for it. You may not recognise it instantly so keep your eyes open. If you have the ability to suffocate your nerves for a few weeks then do so. By allowing them to take control you’ll miss a fabulous opportunity – Fake it till you Feel it. Are you able to look at working from home in some way? There’s money to be made.