February 2019

January 2019 – Go for gold

You’ll be in the spotlight somehow this month so go for gold.  Other areas may take a back seat or even stall, that’s fine as it’ll give you a fresh perspective to change your mind if need be.  Choice is on the cards so look at each one with a clear mind.  Don’t look through rose coloured glasses as you’ll come off worse – see the real situation.

February 2019 – Coming out on top

Potentially a really good month for you if you can keep balanced emotionally.  Don’t give in to self doubt or low esteem issues.  As it’s your birthday month you have the chance to begin new projects or begin something that are important to you.  You also could revisit an old situation with the opportunity to heal or start over with a fresh mind-set.  You could come out on top so give it your all.

March 2019 – Go with the flow

Whatever you do this month you’re asked to be diplomatic and patient, which may be very difficult for March births.  Are you and someone else going back and forth trying to resolve an argument?  Unless you’re both ready to talk maybe the communication should stop until both parties are ready.  You’ll need to stay flexible this month as changes will occur, there’s nothing you can do about them so go with the flow.

April 2019 – Complete change for you – if you want it

You may feel battered and bruised from a recent encounter but this doesn’t mean life is over.  Dust yourself down, take time out and come back fighting.  You have the chance to completely renew yourself or turn something around, this energy doesn’t come around often so utilise it.  Expect the unexpected as they say.  You may also feel slightly out of sorts or emotionally up in the air, take deep breaths and deal with it.

May 2019 – Challenge yourself

Look at your strengths and talents and use them to improve your situation.  The energy surrounding you this month has the midas touch so go for it.  You have the opportunity to roll with the punches this month so don’t give in to life’s issues, challenge yourself and come out on top.  New adventures are waiting for you – have fun.

June 2019 – De Ja Vu – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

A close one could leave you feeling let down or as if an injustice has been done.  Whatever happens you can move on from it.  When we have feelings of de ja vu the energy is asking us to take notice, to either learn from the lesson it is offering or to look at the situation differently.  There is much fun to be had this month just be careful of overdoing it as you may go to the other extreme – even though you’re enjoying yourself.

July 2019 – Think before you speak – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Be unpredictable this month, don’t allow others to guess your moves, be a little crafty.  When meeting new people don’t brag or oversell yourself, it won’t come across well.  Whatever tasks or job you’re up to this month know that you can move forward but it’ll take a lot of work i.e. it won’t come easily, but it will be worth it.  When talking to others use your charm but hold back if what you’re going to say comes across as insensitive, think before you speak.

August 2019 – Stand your ground

You’re going to need to take control of a situation this month and stand your ground.  If someone is jealous or constantly berating you tackle it, don’t keep ignoring it.  Taking time out to make a big decision is also required, don’t do it in haste.  One or more opportunities are coming along to help you change your life, don’t hesitate.

September 2019 – Be assertive – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Whatever decisions you make this month make sure they’re quick and decisive, it’ll mean there is no going on them but it’ll put matters to bed.  This doesn’t mean being aggressive or arguing, simply assertive.  You’re asked to evaluate your life or your job or something that means a lot to you, it can be better.  Don’t be tempted back into an old way of life, there’s a reason you’ve moved on from it.

October 2019 – Important month

If you’re feeling trapped by circumstances don’t necessarily think you can’t change any of it.  Perhaps some of it is a defeatist attitude.  Fight back and make your own luck.  There maybe a few extra tasks to shoulder this month but it’s nothing you can’t handle.  Energy surrounding you at the moment is pretty big it is offering the ability to look at the bigger picture and what a picture it could be.  If there’s a proposal or offer on the table look at it seriously.

November 2019 – Go for it – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Wow you’ve got a chance this month to strike it big in some way.  It may be through an idea you’ve been mulling over for ages or through a dream coming true.  If you’re nervous about a new sport or adventure you wish to take on work out why but still do it anyway.  November births often are often light at heart but heavy on the responsibility they shoulder, so go enjoy yourself – even if it is a little scary.

December 2019 – Take a back seat but still support others

Some can afford to take a back seat and watch others work (only for this month) this is mainly due to the hard work you’ve previously put in.  When taking a back seat still look out for those who may need your help or a gentle word in their hear to help them back on their path.  You’re one of the best at this but not when it comes to expressing your own emotions.  Some may feel as if they are being ‘got at’ from others before responding to them check you are not feeling a little vulnerable.