April 2019

January 2019 – Make progress

Progress can be made, take each situation and deal with it in a step-by-step process.  You may feel overwhelmed but procrastination doesn’t help it only makes a problem’s energy bigger.  You may need to show more love, care and concern to those closest to you this month, just remember to not take on others’ problems.  It’s their path to take.

February 2019 – Mediation

Oh wow success of some sort is waiting for many of you this month.  If you’ve put the hard work in you’ll benefit from it.  Others may come across obstacles, don’t let them deter you.  Don’t over react to those you feel aren’t listening to or understanding you, perhaps you’re the one not making sense.  For others a third party may be required to mediate a situation or ensure both parties needs are catered for.

March 2019 – Passion & loyalty

It may feel as if your life is standing still or your long held dream just isn’t happening.  Maybe it’s because the time isn’t right and if you push it, you may regret it, as something better could be just around the corner.  You’re passionate and loyal and at times struggle to understand when someone treats you poorly.  Unless you tell them how you feel it’ll keep happening to you, take back control.  You are a visionary so don’t allow others to drag you down.

April 2019 – Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday April births!  This month may leaving you feeling ‘what the hell?’  The energy surrounding you for the next few weeks appears to give a sudden dramatic change, hope and then finality on something – all in one month!  Phew!  Confidence and strength come out of nowhere, use them to your advantage.  Be wary of giving attention to projects or people that will quickly burn out and be discarded, it’ll just waste your time.

May 2019 – Focus

Someone around you may be trying to knock you off your pedestal, be alert as they could be really sneaky in their actions.  If a situation is coming to an end stop thinking the worst could happen, it looks like it is over and finished with.  Your mind may be struggling to settle or focus on anything so be wary of knee jerk reactions until you definitely have thought everything through.

June 2019 – Lady Luck & fun – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Research or educate yourself about something before you quote it otherwise you’ll end up looking a little silly!  You’ve got bags of wisdom in you and much influence over others so learn how to express it in a way others will understand.  Lady Luck & fun are forecast for you over the next few weeks so enjoy life.

July 2019 – Good luck – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Good times as great news is on the way for many of you – so enjoy. For the rest of the month you need to be practical, organised and very disciplined with your behaviour. You may be tempted to be led astray or undo any good work you’ve put in so watch your step! Don’t get involved in any arguments, if need be ignore/avoid those who you are likely to become agitated with.

August 2019 – Gift of the gab

You may feel restricted in a few different ways this month, so it’s really about taking deep breaths and finding ways out. A few things may not go your way but don’t begin to feel as if life is against you, it isn’t, it is just a phase and it will pass. A few things will end this month but it means new beginnings. Use your gift of the gab to get good results from bad situations.

September 2019 – Plant that seed & watch it grow – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

You may feel as if you want to save the world or at the very least someone close to you. Do this but don’t give all your time and attention to any one thing as you’ll miss what else is going on. Many of you will feel euphoric or at the very least happiness and joy at the slightest thing that happens to you. Put your mind to something amazing as you can grow an oak tree from an acorn – go for it.

October 2019 – Slightly tricky month

Life could be putting you thing the wringer this month but perhaps it’s trying to remind you of a few lessons that you still haven’t learnt. It’s trying to move you to the next stage of your personal development. You can overcome any problem; you more than any other sign, always remember that. You may be a little bit delusional about certain situations, ask someone for help in seeing something exactly as it is.

November 2019 – A good month – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

If nothing else this month please follow a talent or a dream, don’t ignore them as you could be wasting yourself – sorry! Someone may be trying to give you good advice but you aren’t listening, open your ears, they can help you. Believe it or not it is a good month, as good things will happen. Don’t be too concerned about others’ opinions, perhaps only yours matters.

December 2019 – Get out in the fresh air

Family and close friends will need your support so make yourself available. Fake it until you feel it when it comes to socialising, it’ll help you come out on top. This is a successful month it just may not feel like it, when you look back you’ll understand. Depression may take hold so perhaps you need to chat to someone or get out in the fresh air and talk through any issues you have.