September Energy 2018

Each month has its own energy, as we move closer to the oncoming month its vibration can be felt by everyone regardless of their birth month. 

September is the 1st month of Autumn 2018.  This month asks us to deal with inner conflicts, to not allow emotion to get the better of us or feel as if we are a slave to its every whim.  If you want to reinvent yourself or begin a completely new life use this month’s energy to achieve that.  You may have to face some inner demons or issues that are raising their head from your past but it’s nothing you can’t move on from.  If in doubt saying something, don’t say it, you could be opening a hornet’s nest and wish you hadn’t got up that day – so think before speaking especially if the person to whom you’re speaking to holds the key to your future. 

The 1st month of Autumn asks us to get prepared for the oncoming winter so finish DIY projects or any outstanding tasks that will make life easier over the next few months. That also goes for relationships or matters that are lingering on. 

Overall September is a month for taking responsibility for self, family and friends and for looking out for those less fortunate.  It’s a little bit of an upheaval month, with drama and at times negativity but stay positive as it’s actually a growth month.