March Energy 2018

Each month has its’ own energy, as we move closer to the oncoming month its vibration can be felt by everyone regardless of their birth month.

March is the 1st month of Spring.  This month asks us to rationalise our thoughts.  Some may allow life to get the better of them.  You’re asked to dig deep and look ahead, make plans.  If you find there is a hiccup in your previous ‘well thought’ plans then fix it.  Use this month’s energy to make sure there aren’t any loose ends.  Some may allow feelings of guilt for past misdemeanors to overcome them to the point of becoming stuck in a rut.  Whatever is dragging you down, begin the first month of Spring with positively – it will work wonders.

Sometimes we do have to accept that we are not invincible, that there is a side to us that is affected by criticism or others’ actions.  Our vulnerability is our strength, embrace it and watch how you grow.

March births are deep, thoughtful and very giving and supportive.  Some get lost in their heads and need to ensure they talk about what’s bothering them.  March births are asked to be courageous and brave the world even if they are not ambitious, to take chances (many don’t) and to love self.  Sounds easy – for a March birth it isn’t.  March births are very good at putting a brave front on, they don’t allow many to get in close emotionally to them.  Criticism can wound them.