February Energy 2018

Each month has its’ own energy, as we move closer to the oncoming month its vibration can be felt by everyone regardless of their birth month.

February is the 3rd month of Winter.  For many changes and an evaluation of life is underway, the reasons could be forced upon you or purely wanted.  Either way life is taking a different direction.  The energy surrounding us this month is one of feeling on the back foot or the complete opposite ‘moving mountains’ to get what you desire.

Some may feel as if a situation or someone is getting the better of them.  Perhaps it isn’t, perhaps it’s purely how you feel that is causing more bad energy.  A break away or different routine may just alter your thinking.

Showing support and care to others is top of the agenda, if it isn’t or you have no one to support or care for – do voluntary work.  This month is about helping those in need.

February births have a natural tendency to give their all to something be it a relationship, project or career.  Many struggle to have faith and trust in those around them.  They have the ability to build something of lasting value if only their faith in self was greater.  For those that have the faith they’re able to take a different direction in life as and when needed – no being in a rut or stuck in the same job for years.