December Energy 2018

Each month has its own energy, as we move closer to the oncoming month its vibration can be felt by everyone regardless of the birth month.

The energy surrounding us all this month is one of chaos.  Do you all can to rein in both your thoughts and emotions as energy picks up on anything that isn’t purposeful and organised and brings more havoc.  Each month brings its own challenges with both positives and negatives.

This month challenges us to stick to routine and mundane tasks.  Some need to be wary of business partnerships or anything that stops their uniqueness or creativity coming through.  Arguments and gossip will be everywhere don’t get pulled into them.  Let others take the flak.

For many the month is a happy, fun and enjoyable time.  Staying focussed brings rewards.

As this is quite an optimistic energy it could be a good time to begin plans or thoughts to start something new or expand existing ‘empires’.