November’s energy 2017

Each month has its’ own energy, as we move closer to the oncoming month its vibration can be felt by everyone regardless of their birth month.

November is the 3rd and final month of Autumn.  November typically is a month of caution where spending is concerned.  November asks us to plan ahead for the future, to not exchange words with anyone unless you know what you are talking about.  This energy can also cause us to feel less tolerant with our fellow man and at times become overly critical.  This is a forward thinking energy but it asks us to take a step back before acting.

When the year is added to the month a further energy is produced.  You’re asked to take the higher ground in dealings and to think of the bigger picture.  Some may feel as if life is tripping them up waiting and watching for their next move.  Others feel as if they’re the brunt of jokes which leaves them feeling defensive or on the back foot in some way.  Don’t accept this treatment.

For those feeling vulnerable or more anxious of late now is the time to face whatever your demons are and to begin overcoming them.  By taking small steps they eventually become bigger.