March Energy 2017

Each month has its’ own energy, as we move closer to the oncoming month its vibration can be felt by everyone regardless of their birth month.

As the 1st month of Spring March 2017 delivers energy surrounding family love, marriage, children anything to do with supporting family is key this month. Along with this comes a tendency to control those we love – resist this as they simply won’t want you around. For some plans should be placed on hold unless they are 100% aware of no risks. This is not a month for gambling only for sure bets! Making the right decision is high on the agenda and taking responsibility for your actions. For many it may feel as if they are taking on further responsibility – others are not stepping up to the mark.

When the year is added to the month a further energy is produced. Be wary of putting lots of time and energy into projects without researching if they’ll work – you’ll only waste your time. This doesn’t mean sit at home, push yourself forward – again only on sure bets.