April’s Energy 2017

Each month has its’ own energy, as we move closer to the oncoming month its vibration can be felt by everyone regardless of their birth month.

As April is the 2nd month of Spring this year it asks us to remember those we care about. You may find a family member or friend needs a shoulder to cry on or even support through something. Whichever it is this month asks us to be more thoughtful. It also nudges us towards our creative side – can I make money from a hobby? Can I bring more money in? What can I do to improve my finances? This month is about being practical, considerate and caring.

When the year is added to the month a further energy is produced. Once again finances are on the cards, be ready to go in a new direction or to take a chance on something. Don’t put off what you can do today – you’re wasting time and energy – be focussed and driven.