January’s Energy 2019

Each month has its own energy, as we move closer to the oncoming month its vibration can be felt by everyone regardless of the birth month.

The energy surrounding us this month is one of emotions clouding our judgement.  Don’t be fooled by gifts arriving at your door, unwrap them first.  If someone is offering you their heart check it’s beating first.

The lessons and challenges surrounding this month are to do with:

  • Expressing yourself without self-doubt or criticism of others
  • Leading by example, then challenge others
  • Finding fun and laughter in creative pursuits, yours not others
  • Business partnerships (unfortunately) are not favoured under this month’s energy but working alone is.  So if in business partnerships keep focussed not letting anything slip.
  • Changing your routine can brighten up your day
  • Expressing yourself through writing, singing or dancing, anything that picks up your mood
  • Enjoying the finer things in life and not feeling indulgent

Matters of the heart are generally at the forefront with this energy as it is concerned with happiness and fulfilment.

Enjoy the month as it is a very successful energy.