January 2019

January 2019 – Putting others first

Hmm you could find yourself at the forefront of family issues this month mainly to do with supporting them and lending an ear.  Finances may be up and down so hopefully you haven’t overspent at Christmas, others may be in for a surprise ie money coming in that wasn’t expected.  You’ll have a knack this month of being in the right place at the right time so don’t worry if plans do not go as expected, you may come off better anyway.

February 2019 – Balance yourself & go for what you want

If you need a career change, this is the month for you, someone could be putting a good word for you.  Do you often come across as moody or controlling?  If so look at your behaviour perhaps now is the time to find out why and if you wish to change it put the work in.  Others may be letting life get the better of them and potentially wasting opportunities, why?  Fight back and get what you deserve.

March 2019 – Go with the flow

Don’t allow your nervous tension to get the better of you and ruin what you’ve set up.  Enjoy being yourself this month and not striving to always be someone else or something you’re not, you never know you may end up liking yourself.  You probably rarely make a move without planning, this month try it (as long as its not an important decision).  Preserve your energy you’ll need it to bounce back next month.

April 2019 – Volcanoes rein havoc and destruction

Are your emotions at boiling point?  Is your temper about to explode all over you and others?  Go for a walk, whatever you do, don’t blow up, remember volcanoes cause havoc and destruction, release your energy another way.  If you feel as if bad luck has followed you then take control, don’t allow others to lead your life.  Do you have an idea to begin a new project?  Go for it.

May 2019 – What’s she on?

Whatever you do this month ensure you are focussed on a goal, by not doing so you are likely to not come out on top.  Being dependent on others isn’t doing you justice.  I can hear you screeching “I’m not”, double check.  The theme for you this month is to do with denial and blocked feelings and to be yourself regardless of what others want.  You’re quite a progressive thinker so remember when others are looking at you thinking ‘what’s she on?’, they simply haven’t caught up yet.

June 2019 – Be visionary

You may feel as if the sun is shining and you’ve suddenly got tons of energy, go with it and enjoy.  Be careful of spending more than you have this month as it could backfire.  Don’t get involved with gossip as if overheard it’ll hurt those it’s about.  If you want something to change at home it won’t materialise by itself, you have to do the changing, it won’t be easy.  The theme for you this month is to do with taking responsibility for your decisions and living up to your vision.

July 2019 – Upside down month

The theme for you this month is to do with introspection and over analysis (which you tend to do naturally anyway) so be wary of overdoing it more than usual!  You have an opportunity this month to break away from something – so do it.  They may try and draw you back in, only do so if it’s your dream – otherwise run like hell.  You’re normally extremely tolerant and accepting of everyone but this month may find you a little short-tempered, take a break or time out, you need it.

August 2019 – Internal Power

The energy surrounding you this month is the same as the year’s energy so be warned!  It may mean you have some heavy lessons to learn around being independent, not allowing others to dominate you and asserting yourself, so stand your ground and do what’s right for you.  Those that know you would laugh if you said you lacked self-esteem, tell them, it may help them understand you.  Other than all the heavy lessons it can be a good month especially around partnerships and taking chances.

September 2019 – Endings bring new beginnings

You may need to use cunning or slight of hand to achieve the result you wish for.  You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s simply others are better at manipulation than you.  You probably think no one is out to wrong you but remember they have their own agenda, yours doesn’t count.  So be in it to win it.  The theme for you this month is to do with transformation and picking yourself up, dusting yourself down and beginning again.  Feeling alone is a state of mind not a condition.

October 2019 – The world is your oyster

Changes are afoot for you this month as long as you are up for it and push yourself.  Don’t give in to feelings of inadequacy wherever they come from, think of yourself as a ‘shaker & mover’ rather than accepting ‘your lot’.  You’re very quick at coming up with solutions to problems and this month is no different except it might be others with the problems and not you – phew!  You have the gift of the gab so use it for your benefit.

November 2019 – Go with your gut feeling

Your inner energy is working for you without you even realising it.  You have a natural inbuilt ‘knowing’ that is trying to get your attention.  Have you lost keys or something you need every day?  If so this is your energy’s way of interfering to make you stop and think for a moment.  If you have a feeling that something isn’t right to do with an important area of your life then step back, look at it from a different angle.  On a much lighter note this could be a big month for many of you so pay attention to details and be on the ball.

December 2019 – Have fun

It’s another month of working hard – unfortunately.  But you have a choice.  Take shortcuts and whatever you’re working at won’t work out or put the time and effort in and have the rewards.  Even though it’s January and the start of the year when we begin new projects you’re asked to enjoy life and have fun.  Friendships and partnerships are highlighted.  Sometimes we learn lessons when we feel others have let us down or are treating us unfairly, in this instance you can easily pick yourself up and begin a new chapter.