Energy February 2019

Each month has its own energy, as we move closer to the oncoming month its vibration can be felt by everyone regardless of the birth month.

The energy surrounding us this month is to understand that endings are in fact beginnings.  If you’ve lost money, business, home etc. remember you can rebuild the energy is around you.

The lessons and challenges surrounding this month are to do with:

To find peaceful solutions rather than riding roughshod over others

  • Looking back at past mistakes to rectify the future
  • Apologising for mistakes and moving on even if you don’t want to
  • If you’ve been wronged attempt to move on in your mind – you do not necessarily have to forgive the individual in person
  • Don’t stagnate, finish whatever is over

This energy can bring feelings of ‘down in the dumps’ if this is you find ways of changing your mindset.

This energy is successful, driven and ambitious, use it or lose it.  Come up with your own unique ideas for successful ventures, don’t follow the crowd.