September 2018

January 2018 – Changes

Change is in the air this month for January births, it’s a feeling of never quite knowing ‘what on earth’ is going to happen next.  On one hand you’re asked to follow a dream but on the other you’re asked to capitalise on it.  Overall you do have an opportunity to have an awakening of some kind (normally I shy away from those words but that’s the only word I can think of to describe it). Be wary of feeling too good about what you’re doing as sometimes life has a habit of snatching back what it gave you almost as if you were being tested and found out too late.  Clearing the decks in some way allows new, fresher energy to enter your life, make sure you declutter otherwise life will do it for you. 

February 2018 – Are you being too picky?

Be careful of exploding or allowing emotions to get the better of you, remember no one can ‘get to you’ if you don’t allow them to.  The month’s energy surrounding you asks you to take responsibility for your life and those you support – it doesn’t have to be financial support but emotional support sometimes means more.  If you’re feeling on the back foot or defensive about something then sort it, why allow it to fester?  You may find yourself being too niggly with others or picky, perhaps your expectations or standards are unrealistic, are they making you happy?  If not, it’s you that has to change. 

March 2018 – Speak from the heart

You’re very good at sparking off with new ideas but perhaps not so great at actually doing them, why don’t you try?  Step back from worrying or overthinking every single thing, your poor mind, give it a rest. If you have a deep down feeling of wanting to change something about yourself then what’s stopping you?  Go ahead.  Sometimes March births need a bit of a push or a really good reason to make changes in their life, if its needed do it.  You’ll be working hard this month – so no change there except you could learn more from it than previously.  When speaking to someone don’t bend the truth or tell them what they want to hear, speak from the heart (nicely). 

April 2018 – Drop the face!

This month is a big deal for April births.  Ok where to start….  Managing money is key, if you don’t you could end up losing some of it.  Forget nerves or confidence issues you’re asked to step out into the world and fight for what you want.  If you believe you already have it then go bigger, expand in some way, don’t settle or coast, you’re better than that.  If you’ve been putting a ‘face’ to the world now’s the time to drop that and be you, which brings me to the point, why are you putting a ‘face’ on, is yours not good enough?  Whose judging you except you?  Some may realise a dream they never thought would happen. 

May 2018 – Moderation is key

Ooh there may be a little bit of drama in your life this month or it happens around you which means there’s nothing you can do about it, just wait it out, it’ll pass. Be careful of overdoing things especially to do with shopping, spending, drinking or helping others, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable plus others may take advantage of your good nature. Some have a money energy around them which could range from speculation to winning a small amount which in turn could be invested.  It could also mean that some are over worrying about finances and could afford to spend a penny to enjoy themselves.  If you’re feeling more alone than usual or are delving inward rather than talking through problems perhaps the time is right to call on a friend. 

June 2018 – Challenge yourself – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

You’re asked to develop yourself in some way, to have an end goal and work towards it.  Don’t stand still and stagnate as you have lovely energy surrounding you this month willing you to take a chance (calculated and not with money).  You may be faced with a confrontation of some kind, depending on how you would normally act is how you should act with it.  If you back away normally then stand your ground, if you’re normally aggressive and meet fire with fire then back away, life is literally asking you to see what it is like on the other side.  If it’s not confrontation then it’s confidence, challenge yourself. 

July 2018 – Explore life this month – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

If you’ve been waiting for something to happen it may just occur this month.  You will be anxious around it or perhaps nervous even but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, allow it to unfold don’t force anything.  Do you normally live in two worlds?  One being your mind the other the outside world and never the Twain shall meet, well try this month.  Whatever ideas you have put one into place, don’t miss this opportunity. You may also have a premonition of something happening or dream it, explore it – don’t ignore it. 

August 2018 – Break out of the trap

Try living for the moment this month, leave the past in the past.  It may be that something hasn’t worked out (especially financial) that you expected to, step outside yourself and look down on the situation from above.  Do you see anything different?  Perhaps a fresh attitude or viewpoint will help.  Take control but from a different angle.  You have the enviable ability to make plans, to plan ahead and to engineer them – not everyone can do this, so what’s stopping you?  Don’t allow your thoughts to trap you. 

September 2018 – Happy Birthday – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Happy birthday guys!  You may feel like the cat that has the cream and not just because it’s your birthday, the energy surrounding you for the moment is electric. Because this energy is available for you to use if you don’t it will still linger and affect your emotions and thinking – so be creative in everything you do this month – it could turn out very well for you.  Ignore it and it’ll swamp you in some way.  Some of you are natural humanitarians and care about the planet and those around you, so if a voluntary opportunity comes up, take it, it could lead somewhere important in the future.

October 2018 – Deal with hurdles

How do you get that ‘happy ever after’?  Well it won’t arrive on your doorstep you have to get out and find it.  If you want changes in your life you have to make them.  Stop thinking of the bigger hurdles and deal with the smaller ones, the bigger ones then don’t seem so huge looming in front of you.  Rein in your spending as there may be a shock or two in store that you forgot about!  It’s all very well being a great diplomat but does that mean you aren’t saying what needs to be said? 

November 2018 – Look at yourself – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

There’s a high chance whatever you do for the next few weeks will be misunderstood so perhaps it’s how you’re going about it that needs addressing.  If a loved one is making moves on another are they doing it to make you jealous, think before you act.  A few words from you could be all that’s needed so maybe you’re not showing how much you care and they feel left out.  Something you’re waiting for may not happen for another 3 months – give it time to unfold, don’t interfere. 

December 2018 – Bend the truth

Something may be a little amiss, double check your facts, your monthly budget or your ego!  You’ve missed a vital point or perhaps got too big for your boots – either way scale back.  Life looks like it’s going to be very busy with relationships being key to your happiness. If you’ve been around the block a few times there is nothing wrong in going around again, just with more knowledge this time.  Normally I would always advocate the truth is best but in this instance perhaps bending it slightly may save many a blush!