October 2018

January 2018 – Keep your nose clean!

You may need to adapt fairly quickly this month to changes brought about by others.  Don’t be gloomy, find a way they can work for you.  You never know it may even mean you can embark on something that has always excited you but you never thought was achievable.  You may need to have a talk with yourself or reflect on your recent words and actions and if need be right a wrong before it gets out of hand.  Don’t be late for any appointments as it could have a knock on effect down the line.  Ensure every word or action is thought about, planned out and doesn’t affect others negatively.  You’re being ruled by a little bit of karma this month so keep ‘your nose clean’.

February 2018 – Chaos may knock on your door

Ooh chaos may be visiting you so make sure you act appropriately rather than with your emotional outbursts that always seem to be very near the surface.  You tend to like others doing what they say they are going to do but you can’t control this so stop trying.  Are you being too hard on yourself or have lost your fun side?  You’re trying so hard to do and be everything that maybe you’ve lost a little of yourself.

March 2018 – Change of scenery

March births tend to over worry or over analyse everything and this month seems no exception.  Don’t over commit yourself, don’t give all your emotion and energy to others, keep some in reserve as you’ll need it.  Your feelings are important too, remember that.  You may even come into some money this month.  Are you struggling to keep focussed or keep your attention on the important matters?  Try a change of scenery or meditation to improve your mental relaxation – its needed.

April 2018 – Hopes & dreams

Don’t worry about either feeling alone or being on your own as life will improve.  Sometimes being on our own gives us a completely different perspective; perhaps that’s what’s needed.  Don’t doubt yourself or put yourself down as surrounding you this month is the beautiful Star energy that brings hope and turns dreams into reality.  If you’re unsure of which path or decision to either take or make think of where you would like to be in 5 years time and imagine yourself there – you’ll soon make your mind up.

May 2018 – Odd month

Get down to business, take life seriously and don’t leave anything to chance.  Friends are very important to you this month so don’t take anyone for granted, you’re not using anyone but simply making use of what’s on offer.  This is an odd month as on one hand you’re asked to take no prisoners and on the other you’re asked to give your time and energy to those less fortunate.  You’ll need a delicate balance.  If you’re leaving a voicemail message make sure it is not left open to interpretation.

June 2018 – Create what you want from life – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

This is quite an important month for you, it’s as if a transition is under way or you’re at the final stages of making plans for a big change in your life.  June births have a tendency to not let many into their inner circle, why not change this?  What’s the worse that can happen?  If you’re feeling unsettled by people’s opinions of you and your behaviour then challenge them, just because they’ve said it doesn’t make it true.  You may also have to prove yourself to someone if you want them to take you seriously.  Be careful of getting bogged down in details, it’ll stop you seeing the bigger picture.

July 2018 – Keep a level head – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Everything may feel as if it is out of your control – before giving in to these feelings check that there isn’t anything you can do.  Get out and enjoy yourself especially if you’ve been working ‘like a dog’.  Someone around you or that you are doing business with may not be as honest as you thought they were.  As much as this month can bring gains for you losses can also occur so check everything and don’t leave important things to other people.  Don’t get involved with other people’s arguments unless it is about you.

August 2018 – What a month – expect anything and everything

Oh wow you guys have a lot of energy (spiritual or other dimensional energy) around you this next month more than most normally have.  For some reason you’re attracting it, so are you a little more anxious than usual or nervous?  Something is attracting it.  Either way if you have a problem say it out loud (on your own obviously) and the solution will be given to you – just like magic – except its not, you’re receiving help – spooky hey!  I would like to say try the lottery numbers – so let me know.  Seriously though you are asked to be more tolerant and compassionate to those around you, to mentor or guide others and to learn from past mistakes which means not to make the same mistakes again.  What a month.

September 2018 – Sensitive – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Hmmm, you may need to take two steps back and one forward and not moan about it.  It may be taking a long time for you to achieve something but it’ll be worth it in the end.  Think twice, or even three times before responding to somebody as it may be you are feeling more sensitive than usual.  In fact some days think before you even speak.  You are loving and caring but your words could be misunderstood.  Get out and have fun and leave seriousness and sensitivity at home, sing, dance and entertain yourself and others.  When you’ve come down to earth there may be a situation that you need to ‘fix’, so if you’re feeling trapped or in some way not living part of your life as you should think how you can change it.

October 2018 – Go for it!

Happy birthday guys!  Are those close to you trying to give you advice but you aren’t listening?  Why?  Is it because you’re stubborn or flatly refuse to change?  Even though it’s your birthday month life seems to want you to assess your situation.  You can gain admiration from others by simply using your skill set and may even earn a buck or two, if you don’t develop your skills you’ll end up losing them all together – what a shame.  If you’re seeking romance or a new partnership perhaps now is the time – you go for it and enjoy it!

November 2018 – Have fun – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Many November births are naturally serious or hardworking and struggle to enjoy life at the same time.  On the other end of the spectrum other November births live life to the full.  Whichever you are this month enjoy all manner of different things.  Put plans on hold in week 1, week 2 pick your plans apart, week 3 explore, be adventurous – have fun, then in week 4 you’ll be ready to put your well thought out plan into place with its new perspectives and goals.  It’s about reining in your focus and ideas, organising a timeline, enjoying life and exploding onto the scene – as crazy as it sounds.

December 2018 – Brush the cobwebs away

You’ve always got so much on your shoulders and this month doesn’t appear to be any different.  If you’re worrying about life or feeling down brush the cobwebs always.  Do something that you enjoy that wakes up your brain, be it a walk, exercise, a hobby or something so crazily different for you that it alters your thinking.  You’re never down for long anyway and always bounce back quickly.  It may be that someone does you a favour that you won’t ever forget or perhaps in the past they have and now you can help them.  Whatever goes wrong during this phase you will have a calm approach to it and deal with it sensibly – just like always.