November 2018

January 2018 – A new chapter of life

Oh flip you’re going to have to show a lot of love, care and support to someone close to you this month.  It will all work out fine but it may take a lot out of you.  They and you will grow as individuals from these experiences.  A new chapter in your life is beginning so embrace it with all its faults and challenges.  A new world awaits.  Lady Luck is on your side for the new few weeks so enjoy!

February 2018 – Restriction & freedom

You’re always looking for what’s coming out from the shadows so you’re never really one to overly celebrate but perhaps this month allow yourself to.  If you’re normally exceptionally careful with money then spend, if you normally spend, then save.  Do the complete opposite to see how free you can feel when not restricted by your own rules.  Take up a new hobby or simply do something just for fun that doesn’t have to result in any meaningful outcome.

March 2018 – Good news

You’re really good at supporting others and giving advice but who supports you?  If your thoughts are literally driving you ‘nuts’ then seek help.  Sometimes you work so hard to avoid those quiet moments on your own that perhaps you need time on your own.  Good news is on its way to you so bask in its glory.  Give it 3 months for other news you are waiting for to arrive on your doorstep, don’t do your usual and force it.

April 2018 – Changes

There are important changes coming your way over the next few months so make every decision and action top priority.  You may need to research or find out ‘stuff’ to make it work but don’t let it hinder you.  If you’re beginning a new role or project and feel ‘halted’ go around it.  Living for the moment is great but what about tomorrow?  You can be fun, amusing and entertaining but remember you’re the one who has to pay your bills so perhaps one area of your life needs reining in.

May 2018 – Roll with the punches

This is a really mixed month for you.  On one hand someone may pull the rug from under you, on the other it’s a chance to follow your heart’s desire.  Roll with the punches and plan to come out on top.  Several choices may be in front of you, don’t go for the obvious or the bright lights as it’ll burn out as quick as it came.  Hence think long and hard before making any important decisions.  Don’t worry it’ll come to you, you’re in a really good position believe it or not.

June 2018 – Don’t inflate who you are – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Do you have an unhealthy obsession with someone or something?  If so, look at why and correct it, don’t allow yourself to be beholden to anything that holds you back.  Finances look to be top of the agenda this month so watch the pennies.  Be careful of bragging or over inflating the truth as you may be asked to back it up!  You don’t need to ‘big’ yourself up.  A rekindled friendship or relationship could be important.

July 2018 – What a month – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Someone may try and pull the rug from under your feet – you may not be able to do anything about it.  The ending of one situation literally brings in another offer so do not despair – it may actually be the best thing.  A message is on its way to you that brings unexpected news for some it’ll feel like a gift from the Gods that has arrived just in time.  You may feel more sensitive to others opinions this month but relax and take no notice.

August 2018 – Change is on its way

Do you have a feeing that someone or something is trying to push you out of your comfort zone?  Perhaps it’s a promotion at work or taking control of a situation, whichever it is, try it.  Be careful of being overly sarcastic or hurtful when dealing with a sensitive individual it may just backfire.  Love is in the air for some so enjoy.  Good fortune is knocking on your door so be in!  For others the last months of Autumn is bringing in change with its fresh air – don’t fight it.

September 2018 – Overhaul – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Diplomacy, diplomacy and more diplomacy – whatever you say this month use tact and kindness – you’ll be amazed at what situations you can turn around.  You may need to juggle several situations and feel as if life is always a juggling act, so what can you do about it to ensure it doesn’t keep happening?  A celebration of some kind is on the cards remember to enjoy it and not allow nerves or over worrying to get in the way.  A long-standing situation needs a major overhaul, don’t allow someone to do it for you otherwise any result will be in their favour and not yours.

October 2018 – Take control

Someone in your circle has been speaking about you behind your back, don’t react when you find out, work out what their motive is.  By doing this you’ll be in the driving seat – remember revenge is a dish best served cold!  There is an important lesson for you this month so keep your eyes peeled.  You’re asked to take control on the home front especially if you leave things up to fate.

November 2018 – Growth is the way forward – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Happy birthday guys – enjoy especially as some of you have the Midas touch this month.  The ending of painful situations is either upon you or reaching their conclusion so get ready to celebrate.  Is there a relationship in your life that needs to come to an end?  You’re ready for your next stage of development so don’t let others hold you back.  Make sure you take precautions when embarking on a new relationship as the patter of tiny feet can be heard – especially if those tiny feet do not fit into your plans!

December 2018 Stay put

There may be a financial burden or surprise in store so if this is you, keep your head.  There is a way out of it but panicking will only mean you’ll miss the obvious.  Believe it or not the World is at your feet waiting for you to pounce on it in some way so give it your best shot.  Some will have feelings of wanting to ‘run for the hills’ – don’t.  There is good fortune to be had this month.