May 2018

January – Suck it up!

You’re asked to complete as many things as you can this month to get ready for next month when you’ll have an opportunity to revisit and re-evaluate much of what you do.  You may even achieve a dream or two so make sure you’re ready.  You’ll need a lot of tolerance and compassion to deal with everyone around you, show love regardless of what you are being shown – so suck it up and get on with it!  If something is going right for you don’t automatically look around for the negatives – it’ll be fine.  Be wary of blowing up or losing your rag – you don’t need to.  Have an aim to try and change your opinion about a couple of things – you’ll be amazed at what you realise about yourself.

February – Take the higher ground

You may want a perfect outcome but you may not get it.  Perhaps now is the time to drop your standards a little bit and simply accept there are some things you cannot control.  If you take the higher ground you may find there’s another opportunity waiting for you – almost as if life is testing you.  There may be a couple of niggles to do with your love life or matters close to your heart.  Before dealing with them, think long and hard about what outcome you want.  Don’t allow your emotions to cloud your judgement.  Take a break and deal with it when you return – you’re thinking may have altered slightly.

March – Have fun

Are you getting restless feet?  It feels like change is in the air or you are struggling with day to day chores and routine.  There probably isn’t much you can do about it unless you inject some fun into your life.  You’re a naturally gregarious character so have fun!  It’s not easy to actually achieve though, therefore do something you really enjoy.  There’s an opportunity for you to either gain ground on something or improve your lot in some way.  Do the lottery!  Be careful of being too insensitive to those around you this month – it’ll hit them where it hurts and you may regret it.

April – Fake it till you feel it

Be careful of over thinking something or your response to a friend or family member that you end up ignoring your own needs.  Sometimes you just have to put yourself first regardless of what others think or feel.  You have an opportunity of starting afresh or anew in some way – don’t allow your confidence issues to get in the way.  Have you ever heard of the saying ‘fake it till you feel it’ – this applies to you this month.  Work situations could improve for some, for others a new love interest may be around you.  Be on your best behaviour regardless of where you are!

May – Celebrate your uniqueness

You have reason to be joyful this month.  It’s your birthday month so celebrate your uniqueness, don’t give in to thoughts that will bring you down.  Unfortunately what you want will not coming knocking on your door, you have to go out and find it – so what’s stopping you.  Yes you may suffer with anxiety at times or low confidence, but get your hair done and get out there and live life.  Don’t allow minor problems to get out of hand, deal with everything as it comes along, you’ll save yourself so much time in the end.

June – The meaning of life! – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Don’t waste money this month, put it to good use – you may need it.  You may have an urge to spend, be extravagant and generally feel irresponsible and to the hell with it.  Try and suppress these feelings and work out what is actually going on.  Without you realising it you may be having a very good effect on someone around you.  Either they really like you or you uplift them which they may need at this moment in time.  The energy surrounding you this month asks you to look long and hard at yourself, to find more meaning in your life – phew – tall order once you’ve paid bills and dealt with all of life’s problems.

July – Itchy feet – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Wow aren’t you the lucky one!  Take an idea or dream and make it work – you can actually do that.  Have you got itchy feet?  Are you struggling to commit to either someone special or lack the drive to follow through?  Take your time and breathe, if it’s something you really want you’ll do it.  Don’t allow problems, anxiety or overthinking to deter you.  Things may not seem that bad after a good’s night sleep.  Most things can be sorted.  You’re asked to put your head down and simply work hard for the whole month.  Others may feel fairly angry or let down about things that haven’t gone as they were supposed to.  It doesn’t last for long – remember that.

August – Be organised

Put whatever talents or skills you have to good use.  If you’re paying someone to do something you could do – why are you?  Don’t ignore your own skill set – perhaps you are good enough – you just don’t realise it or have the faith in yourself.  Keep your eyes on the pennies this month especially if you hand the finances over to another to pay the bills.  Being organised will pay dividends, so be on time, take more control over your time and plan the month ahead.  Some have the chance to go off in a different direction or career change – go for it.

September – Change is in the air – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Change is in the air for many of you.  Don’t put off any difficult tasks, face any problems head on and deal with them, they’ll only get worse.  Don’t bend the truth or inflate a story just to make you feel good – you’ll be found out and may look a fool.  Rein in any excess and get organised, chaos at the moment isn’t good for your head – you need routine and order – even if it doesn’t bore you.  This is a shake up and change month.  Be wary of someone spinning you a yarn or trying to pull the wool over your eyes.  You may want to go deeper with someone but they may not be ready – don’t take it personally.

October – Propping up others

You’re going to be in constant demand this month to support and prop up others.  Perhaps this has something to do with you being a great problem solver or a great listener.  Either way you’ll be in big demand.  Are you believing in yourself more than you have done for a long time?  Good, about time.  Your over worrying or feelings of withdrawing won’t go away over night – they’ll take a while to catch up.  Go out into the night air and breathe in the beautiful Stars energy – it’s available to you this month.

November – All systems go – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Are you on burn out this month?  Have you been over doing it or expecting far too much of yourself?  Chill out, take a breather, ready to start again.  Something that was delayed may now speed up, it’s all systems go.  Try and keep your feet on the ground this month, you may make a couple of decisions that are a little bit wacky or unrealistic.  If you’ve a gut feeling that something is wrong, perhaps it is.  Follow your intuition it won’t steer you wrong.  Something may hit you out of the blue, it’s almost like the truth or a realisation has dawned upon you.

December – Karmic month

For some this is a good month i.e. you’ll be recognised for some form of past behaviour.  Others may feel as if the world is theirs only to find out it isn’t.  Whomever you meet this month they’ll enjoy your company, you’ll put them at ease straightaway.  If you give back in some way, you’ll find life will be kind to you.  You may have a couple of situations that you could rejig or re-evaluate, it means you can expand further – you just don’t realise it.  Karma is on your side this month so make the use of her energy.