March 2018

January – Branch out

Wow, you have an opportunity this month to put a plan or goal into action.  It may only be the thought, or the mere beginnings, but something very good could come out of it.  You may feel particularly anxious during this phase or even unsure of how to act.  Some may feel as if their inner world is in a tug of war – one part wants to branch out while the other wants to stay in its comfort zone.  Sounds crazy but try getting in touch with your own emotions.  Try something new, even if it’s taking up a dance class, something good will come out of everything you do differently this month.

February – Be in control – tactfully

This month is more about you than others, make sure you do put yourself first but with diplomacy and tact.  You may need to take a step back to make sure you are not missing a trick.  If you’re feeling down in the dumps because something hasn’t quite worked out as it should then take control (in a polite, orderly manner).  Don’t go in all guns blazing.  Try and control any urges you have to completely control a situation with force or domination.  Give any results you require approximately 3 months to materialise.

March – Karmic vibration

Happy Birthday!  You have an opportunity this month to make a success of something.  You’ve already been working at it, so it isn’t anything new, but use this month’s energy to evaluate, redo and complete.  Karmic energy also surrounds you for the next few weeks so make sure everything you do is above board.  Anything less and karma will come knocking on your door.  Some may have a change of direction in career or begin a study course – do it.  You need to make your own luck don’t sit at home and wait for it.

April – Work hard, relax & take control – Phew!

You need to put your head down this month and work very hard!  If you want something badly enough then fight for it – don’t simply give in.  Some may need to relax a little but perhaps struggle to.  Take up a hobby or take time out to recharge your batteries – don’t allow yourself to become mentally and physically exhausted.  You have an opportunity to shine this month as long as you ‘put your best foot forward’.  Is someone spoiling for a fight?  Don’t get distracted by them, perhaps that’s what they want.  Are you stuck in a rut?  What’s causing it?  Think of ways to change the path you’re on – you don’t need to be on the back foot all the time.  Take control of your life.

May – Be positive

Remain calm and patient at all times this month – even if you feel like screaming.  Setbacks will occur, it’s what you do about them that matters.  Don’t be paranoid if someone is offering you help, not everyone is out to get you.  You can accomplish an awful lot this month as long as you don’t allow feelings of ‘being the victim’ to get in the way.  You may find yourself attending family ‘get-togethers’ or celebrations this month – don’t cancel them, you’ll have a lovely time.  For those singletons – you may even meet someone.  If you can look at the positives of this month you may just find it will be a very good month.

June – Be unconventional Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Wow, if it feels like someone is helping you from another ‘realm’ then perhaps they are.  Allow your mind to wander, invent, to dreamily think – something may just happen.  You’re asked to do something completely different maybe even unconventional – you’ll have a blast – you’ll also surprise those in your inner circle.  Have you recently worried about something going wrong?  Or wondering what will jump out of the shadows?  Perhaps you’re allowing your mind to over think, over analyse or over worry.  The thinking about ‘doing something’ is often worse than the actual action of ‘doing it’.  When we over think we stop ourselves and put obstacles in the way.

July – It’s Magic! Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

You may have to face your confrontational fears this month and ‘just simply have’ the conversation.  Many July births struggle to confront others, some say nothing whereas others appear to be confident but come across as defensive and aggressive, which is a shame as they are some of the nicest people around.  They are the first ones to offer help and the first to put others in front of their own needs.  You are asked to take a chance or to seek the perfect opportunity for you to put yourself forward.  Explore the unknown – you’ll be amazed at what comes out of it.  You have the beautiful Magic energy surrounding you over the next few weeks so take advantage of it.

August – Accept support

Someone around you may be helping you more than you realise.  You don’t normally get this as everyone tends to think August births can do anything they want to without help or assistance from anyone else.  Take their support.  Are you bored in your current job, or career path?  The energy surrounding you over the next few weeks is helping you to seek change, to try different things (if possible).  Don’t accept second best.  You may need to take more responsibility than usual over money or your normal duties.  Don’t neglect them, if you do you’ll end up either paying more or working harder to put it right.

September – Watch the pennies Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Are you too wrapped up in love or emotionally involved that you are unable to see the true person behind the face?  Perhaps taking a step back and looking at your relationship is called for.  It doesn’t mean it’ll end it simply means it would be good for you to be on an equal footing if you aren’t.  Romance is in the air for others that take a different turn or change their routine.  Watch the pennies, don’t overspend.  You’re asked to manage your money properly and make it work for you.

October – Take control

Are you feeling misunderstood or as if life is getting the better of you?  This month you’re asked to look at what matters to you emotionally and put plans in place to ensure your security.  This may be as simple as putting a few pounds away a month, or finally going on that diet, or taking back control in your life.  Whichever it is, start slowly and meaningfully.  Even a small change will make you feel a million dollars!  Check any paperwork before signing a contract or a legal document.  You may need to make a quick decision or choice based on only ‘what is in front of you’ so make it count.

November – Enjoy Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Oh lucky November births you have the amazing ability to see the bigger picture this month.  Whatever your dreaming of (as long as you’ve put the work in) can be realised.  You may have feelings or emotions that are trying to drag you backwards, don’t allow them.  Sometimes we go backwards out of fear of the unknown.  As long as you’re balanced in your thoughts and have made a realistic plan then be disciplined, hardworking and achieve the impossible.  Others may jump in with both feet and feel completely out of their depth.  Do something that will put a smile on your face, paint that picture (or wall) you’ve been meaning to, buy some new makeup, enjoy yourself.

December – Lifes ups & downs

You’ll gain more respect from those you’ve wanted it from this month.  Whatever you’ve been doing hasn’t come easily, you’ve worked at it.  Now though is not the time for you to sit back, carry on.  There are more opportunities for you out in the World than you realise.  Some days you may feel as if you’re going backwards, others moving forward, that’s life.  Overall though remember how talented you are, how driven you are and quietly ambitious.  Just try and relax your thoughts, don’t allow them to paralyse you.  If you’ve made a promise to someone – keep it.  Don’t let anyone down.