June 2018

January – Expand & Improve
If something in your ‘gut’ is telling you that what you’re being told is not right then follow your gut instinct.  Sometimes following logic isn’t the right path.  You may find yourself more emotional than usual but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say how you feel (as positively as you can deliver the message, the better).  The energy available to you this month is one of expansion so make the most of it. Check out what needs chucking out, what could do with improving and how you can make more money.  This may be from a hobby working ‘from home’ or taking a previously ‘not worked’ idea to be a success.

February – Take your time
You’re asked to show more tolerance and compassion to those around you this month.  You have access to a higher vibrational energy therefore you’re asked to be nicer and kinder!  You may also benefit greatly from forgiving someone for any past mistakes or wrongs that affected you.  Be careful of being too naive or giving someone the benefit of the doubt if it costs you your time or energy.  You may end up feeling mentally and physically exhausted, which doesn’t help anyone.  This means you have to make the right choices for the right reasons this month which is something February births may struggle with.  Don’t jump in, take your time.

March – Watching your pennies & time
Ooh you have a chance to expand in some way, something you’ve wanted to do for a long while.  This may mean moving or tackling a new project that is big.  Big plans come to fruition and enable you to move onto the next stage of your life.  Watch the pennies, don’t waste either your time or money, ensure every second is accounted for.  If good fortune comes your way, give back in another way – it’s a fairly karmic energy surrounding you this month.  Feeling overwhelmed with something won’t change it, pick it apart bit by bit then you’ll see you can overcome it.

April – Use your own ideas
If you feel like copying someone else’s idea – think again. You are imaginative enough to come up with your own original, unique ideas – so put the work in.  If you’re feeling more anxious of late then take time out (obviously not from work) to understand why.  Maybe you’re picking up vibes that all is not what it seems.  You are having these feelings for a reason. Don’ turn down an opportunity because of a lack of nerves or confidence, face it head on.  You may need to be more diplomatic or tactful when handling a new situation – so suck it up and get on with it.

May – Letting go
Be wary this month as someone may use you as the fall guy through no fault of your own – simply wrong place, wrong time.  You have an opportunity to quell the run away thoughts in your head.  Frenetic thinking breeds frenetic thinking.  Take a step back and realise what you do have.  Putting your head down and working hard ensures you reap the rewards so greatly deserved.  You may have to juggle a few irons in the fire but that’s fine – it’s nothing you can’t handle.  Remembering a past hurt only affects you – the other person has no idea!

June – Happy birthday – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked
Happy Birthday you lovely June births.  Some may feel as if they are the cat that has the cream, others are trying to understand why their lot in life is tougher than others. A turn around in fortune is on the cards for those who have struggled for a while.  While others may be a little more sensitive or struggle to not overreact to situations close to home.  Either way you are asked to spare a thought for those less fortunate, to offer comfort and perhaps even a roof over their heads for a little while. Don’t worry it won’t be for long.

July – Be focussed, clear & driven – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked
Yay, at last, something is going right for you.  Money may be coming your way.  It may not all come at once but be patient.  This month may see you as being ‘the power behind the throne’, acknowledge this.  Being supportive is so misunderstood, you allow others to grow but seldom take credit for it.  Someone is taking you at face value, this is due to you showing them the ‘mask’ you wanted them to see.  Correct it, or else face what you have set up.  Don’t allow a moment of panic or displays of emotions to cloud your judgement.  Be focussed, clear and driven.

August – Sort out the chaos
Ooh lovely, you have an opportunity to either start or build a business, project or idea that could prove very very profitable and successful.  Start now and dare to dream.  If your home or thoughts are in chaos sort them out.  Either one will bring more chaotic energy into your life.   Someone may be feeling envious of you or struggle to understand why you are so lucky!  You don’t feel it but put yourself in their shoes.  If you’re thinking of ‘playing away from home’ think twice.  You may get caught out and perhaps should be sorting out your home or personal life first.

September – Take back control – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked
You may need to keep a rein on your steely thoughts this month, they may get out of control.  You might end up being fairly harsh with someone when it isn’t necessary. The energy surrounding you this month is one of being organised, efficient and putting down roots for the future.  This may seem boring but it could be essential.  Don’t allow restrictions to box you in, find a way around them – there is one.  This doesn’t mean taking shortcuts, it might be a longer path but definitely worth it. Leaving everything up to the universe sometimes just doesn’t cut it, we need to take back some control.

October – Chase the bright lights
You can take an awful lot on your shoulders but why do you keep doing it?  You may be one of life’s survivors but that won’t always be the case.  Maybe things aren’t as bad as you think they are.  If you want something you need to go out and get it.  If the bright lights are calling then chase them.  If you’ve had a loss of some kind ensure you’ve either grieved enough or allowed enough time to pass for you to make a big decision.  Don’t keep putting off committing (or having) a relationship with someone else.  If you want someone in your life then put the feelers out.

November – Don’t hinder your abilities – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked
Some of the lessons you learnt last month were meant to give you a better understanding or insight into either your actions or those closest to you.  We’re so busy much of the time we struggle to take time to breathe.  Be careful of doubting yourself, your talents or your ability, it’d be a shame if it stopped your flow of creativity or ability to showcase who you are.  If you’ve got the ‘glass half empty’ attitude try and alter it to ‘glass half full’. Love, family and domestic matters may be the focus of your month.  Don’t allow the green eyed monster in, perhaps you have more than them.

December – Get support if needed
You have an opportunity to end a situation that isn’t right for you.  Think long and hard (not because of the implications on you but on what your part in it was) and if need  talk to someone for support.  We always blame others for the situations we find ourselves in but always forget to look at our part in it.  A long held dream can manifest itself if you believe in it enough.  Breathe in the night air while the Stars are out and ask for guidance – you may just receive it.  You may find yourself ‘standing up’ for someone that is being treated unfairly – good on you.  Not everyone has your courage so it’s good to see.