July 2018

January 2018 – Take control

You may find yourself having to overrule your heart or emotions this month and literally go with what you’re head is saying.  If family need an extra supporting hand (or a close friend) go with it, you may feel as if ‘not again’.  Look for a situation close to home that may need taking control of that with your input could be sorted immediately.  Remember as a January birth once you’re engaged mentally you seem to have the power of the Gods to change the course of any situation.   Sensitivities to food may rear their head so watch what your eating, this may mean going on the lifestyle diet change you’ve been meaning to do for years.

February 2018 – Be happy

February births are often accused of being emotionally controlling but what others don’t understand is the turmoil you face inside.  You work so hard on putting ‘a brave face on’ all the time you leave little time and energy left to actually work on being happy.  Do something different this month and find your creative side.  You don’t have to work yourself to death to show others you can achieve.  If something you’ve been working on is coming to fruition check to see if you can improve it.  This month’s energy offers you the ability to expand in some way – so don’t miss a trick!

March 2018 – Push the boat out

This is an odd month for you.  On one hand you can make a success from something that didn’t previously work out, on the other, you could be struggling to break some of your bad habits. Remember there isn’t any point in bringing forward old behaviour that doesn’t serve you well.  If you are able to move forward with a success or win dragging yourself behind won’t work.  March births often attract others as they are so engaging and charismatic but seldom let anyone into their ‘circle of trust’.  Push the boat out this month – what’s the worse that can happen?

April 2018 – Manage your money

You may struggle to rein in your opinions this month so check what’s coming out of your mouth.  As this potentially could be a very good month for you the last thing you want is to upset the ‘apple cart’.  Money could be on your mind either the lack of it or your ability to manage it.  As an April birth it is a basic necessity for you to manage your personal finances.  An opportunity could pop up out of nowhere the question is will you have the confidence or courage to take it?  Sometimes just doing something without thinking works wonders.

May 2018 – Sensitivity & Success

Look May births are very sensitive individuals, when we add this month’s energy into the mix it simply doubles.  You may need to breathe deeply, to step back at times or to even put off big decisions until this energy has passed.  Go for long walks or do yoga, do anything to help ease this sensitivity.  If mind runs away with you, gently rein it back in.  The last thing you want is sleepless nights.  Above all remember a lot can go well for you during this phase so do be optimistic.  Following your gut instinct or intuition will work wonders – you may even be surprised at how well you’re doing.

June 2018 – Enjoy life – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

It’s a big month for June births.  On the one hand you’re asked to live in the moment and to leave problems behind you, on the other you’re asked to put yourself on the back burner and put others first – you can’t win.  There could be a certain amount of restlessness about you during this phase, you want to do something but you just don’t know what.  The energy surrounding you this month comes into its own when you’re socialising or in some way expressing yourself.  So do both.  Paint the picture you’ve always wanted to (or whatever else it is) and make sure you socialise a lot.  What a lovely time you could have!

July 2018 – Gold – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

OOh you lucky July births this could be a really good month for you and it’s your birthday too – what more can you ask for!  As a July birth you have a natural ‘get up and go’ attitude with an entrepreneurial flair.  This month’s energy asks you to examine every single situation or opportunity that comes along to ensure you obtain gold at the end of it.  Some may have the urge to control a situation or those involved within it – it could turn out ugly so don’t.  Whatever changes occur or problems roll with them – you’ll still come on top.  Some may struggle to commit to a project or new venture look at the reasons why.  Sometimes pushing yourself in a direction that is half hearted means something isn’t right.

August 2018 – Premonitions & visions

You have the ability to put others at ease so this month use that energy in situations that require a more gentle approach.  As the 8th month you sometimes have a habit of riding roughshod over others’ feelings.  You don’t mean it, it’s simply in your make up, but by doing this the outcome may not always go your way.  Being tactful, diplomatic and thoughtful will work wonders.  You’ll ask yourself why you’ve never tried it before.  If you have a feeling something is going to happen examine what that could be.  This month’s energy offers you premonitions and visions to see into the future.  You may even come up with a revolutionary idea of doing something.

September 2018 – Dream big – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

You may feel like roaming or wandering this month.  If it’s to have a one-night stand or an affair think carefully before doing so.  If it’s moving house or job can you afford either?  This energy can cause big changes on an impulse so there is a need to examine carefully your motives.  Could changing your routine or doing something different help settle you?  September births have access to inner energy that is creative, practical and visionary with an unbelievable ability to orchestrate big ideas, dreams and plans.  When this energy isn’t being used it can cause health issues or in some way feel as if you are out of balance.  So what are you waiting for?

October 2018 – Battle others & yourself

The World isn’t against you, perhaps it’s how you’re thinking and feeling.  October births are in two camps this month.  One camp feels victimised or as if they can do nothing about their situation, the other camp faces every challenge head-on and comes out on top.  Which camp do you want to be in?  Now is not the time to make excuses but to deal with yourself.  This month you’re asked to focus on the future, checking your finances and making long-term plans – don’t put them off.  You may regret it in a couple of months.  If you have no routine or structure in your life, sort it now.  You can prevent a lot of your own problems.

November 2018 – Take a breather – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

You may find the answer to a long-term problem when you read a newspaper or Internet article.  A light bulb moment will go off in your head.  There’s nothing wrong this month in taking yourself off for a few days (or hours) to get your head straight.  We all need space and time to think every now and then.  If a lot is going on and time is running away with you be careful of ‘burning out’.  A breather may be needed to ensure you reach your potential.  As much as time alone is needed you’re also asked to share something with others.  This might be what’s going on in your head or the fact that they need to talk something through.  You do have natural problem solving abilities but at times need a shoulder yourself to lean on.

December 2018 – Don’t be on the back foot

December births are so head strong, disciplined and organised it can be hard for others to understand them.  Nevertheless you’re ability to get more out of a day than others (when you put your mind to it) sets you apart from the rest of us.  This month is no different.  Responsibility is key.  This may come in the form of family or work commitments that you mustn’t walk away from.  Are you getting the best out of a personal relationship?  Are you on the back foot somehow?  If so why are allowing yourself to do this?  No matter how head strong you are sometimes a little lack of self-esteem creeps in.  Look for ways to improve this.