January 2018

January – A good month for many – happy birthday!

How you communicate to others this month is of paramount importance, think before you speak.  You’re asked to follow your own path and listen to your own advice.  Think twice before taking other’s opinions on board this month – your opinion counts – don’t let it stray you off course.  You have access to energy this month that should allow you to move up the ladder in some way – take advantage of it – don’t let opportunities slip through your fingers.  Don’t get involved in gossip or talking behind someone’s back as it may just backfire on you.

February – Dare to dream

This month you’re asked to begin new projects or to surge forward with your ideas.  Someone may be out for mischief or may try to place obstacles in your way.  Stand your ground – don’t be bullied or brow beaten.  If need be change direction to ensure you get not just what you want, but what you deserve.  Partnerships of all types look favourable this month so dare to dream for what you want.  If in business don’t give control over to someone else, keep your eye on the pennies and everyone else in check.  You may need to show patience and offer support to someone close.

March – Ease your mind

It’s a mixed bag this month for March births – for those who have overspent you may find yourself rummaging through the sofa for coins – others who have put money away you may just find you have an opportunity to make more!  The minds of March births tend to over analyse or overthink situations, it may help to use the energy your mind is producing on a creative outlet – paint that picture, write that story or bake that cake – whatever it takes to ease your thoughts.  If you’re not getting a good result from something you want perhaps its how you’re going about it – learn from past mistakes.

April – Work & more work

You may find this month is a ‘work very hard’ month with no let up.  You’re asked to be organised, efficient, be on time and do whatever it takes to get the job done.  You can rest at the end of the month!  You may need to take control of a situation before it gets out of hand – don’t let someone else take control.  Be careful of being naïve or allowing someone to ‘lead you up the garden path’; they haven’t got your best interests at heart.  You may not even realise they are up to no good as you’re working ‘all the hours’.  This month you’re asked to look at what is needed to secure your future, make a plan and stick to it.

May – Tossed about by life

If you feel as if life tosses you about then do something about it – don’t be at the mercy of life’s ups and downs – be the one in charge.  If you struggle with focusing on something until it is finished then practice and practice until you perfect the art.  Use this focus to sort chaos out wherever it appears in your life.  Money may not be making you happy – you need it of course – but look to see what else will put a smile on your face – you deserve it.  You’re naturally hard working but sometimes you go too far – don’t allow mental and physical exhaustion to get a hold.

June – Stick with your principals – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Someone may be trying to shake your calm exterior – ignore them.  You live life by your values not others – so stick with your principals.  Are you avoiding being in a relationship or struggling to commit to someone because a previous one didn’t work out?  Whatever it is you’re asked to have faith in your own judgment and trust your intuition.  When you go against the ‘grain’ things have a habit of not working out.  For others an answer to a long standing problem may be realised.  Be wary of over giving or taking too much responsibility on your shoulders – others can help, it doesn’t have to be you.

July – Shut up & listen – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

This is a good month for business but perhaps not for relationships!  It looks like good news or success for a project at work – don’t let it go to your head though as it’s a karmic vibration that will kick back to keep you under control.  Don’t ride roughshod over a loved one’s feelings, listen to their point of view – they may just be right.  For once shut up and listen to someone else as a lot of good will come out of it.  Don’t pass on any gossip you’ve heard, the person you’re telling won’t trust you with theirs if you do.

August – Take time out

You’ve taken a lot on your shoulders that perhaps is at the detriment to a relationship or something else important in your life.  Now is the time to restore the balance.  Is something deep down niggling you?  Perhaps you’re sensing all is not as it seems with someone around you.  Take time out to focus on the important things in life.  Do you have a habit of over talking others?  Try not to as when doing so you’re not learning or developing.  An opportunity may be coming up – go for it – don’t allow confidence or nerves to get in the way – it could be really good.

September – Get out & shine – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Somebody may be taking advantage of you – are you allowing them to?  Is it causing you to be held back in some way?  It may just be.  This month you’re asked to look at what isn’t working in your life or that needs breaking free from.  You have the energy around you to improve your life so use it.  For others you have the advantage over someone else, you can make a big decision which may not make you popular with others but that’s life.  If you’re feeling down get your hair done or buy something to pep up your spark then get out and shine.

October – Major shake up

A major shake up in your life may be needed to breathe new life into you.  This doesn’t mean rushing in with all guns blazing to change everything.  Take your time and work out what is needed – but do it.  The energy available to you this month only comes round once a year for October births – opportunities and luck could be on your side if you put yourself out in some way.  Remember life goes up and down so if your life has felt on the downward slide lately maybe it’s time for you to begin going up.  Don’t escape your reality, face up to your problems and you’ll come out on top – ignore them and they’ll magnify.

November – Challenging month – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Some have the opportunity of sitting back this month and actually enjoying the fruits of their labour.  Others are asked to go ‘full pelt’ and work their backside off.  Do you feel as if you are forever trying to prove yourself to someone close to you?  If this is you, why not give up?  The energy you’re using could be put to better use.  This may be a challenging month for a few where you’ll need to go out and find your own luck – it won’t come knocking for you.  Obstacles and challenges may be in the way but if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth having.

December – Take a step back

Personal good news of some form could be on its way to you.  If you’ve felt your emotions are up and down lately and not understood then take time out to work out what’s happening.  You’re naturally someone full of ideas and can turn your hand to pretty much anything so why aren’t you following your dream?   If someone is opposing your idea or plan then go around them – it doesn’t mean you’re wrong.  For others perhaps the time isn’t quite right for you to take the new job, or take action over something, take a step back and breathe.