February 2018

January – Busy, busy bee

Sometimes we have so many things to do, so many things to catch up on and many decisions to make that we get caught in the midst of it all.  Now is the time to stop, take evaluation and only do what you think is necessary.  When making a decision go with your gut rather than logic or reason – it won’t steer you wrong.  Confidence may be an issue surrounding an event or occasion but don’t allow it to ruin your fun or enjoyment.  You may need to go within to understand some of your feelings, don’t allow them to boil over into anger.

February – Relax and enjoy

Don’t lose your head: keep calm regardless of what others are saying about you or to you.  Is it warranted?  If it isn’t smile and rise above it, if it’s warranted – apologise and simply move on.  If your emotions are running at an all time high do something about it – don’t allow panic attacks or anxiety seep in.  Some may feel like changing job or house, others may even propose!  The energy surrounding you this month is beautiful – just remember to enjoy it.  Don’t take life so seriously, relax and do something different.

March – Go for it!

Oh you March births are no one’s fool!  In company you’re amazing, witty and fun but at times behind doors you can feel moody and down.  Don’t allow your tongue to get the better of you: you may just say something that angers a lot of people.  This month you’re asked to be diplomatic and tactful (that doesn’t equal doormat) simply go along with the flow even if you don’t want to.  A dream or an idea of something in the future can be realised if you plan ahead (which you are so good at), don’t be put off by any obstacles or challenges.  If you want it go for it.

April – Work hard, play hard

Partnerships are highlighted this month so take special note of those you are in and those around you especially at work.  If you notice something you’re unhappy with keep your cool and don’t show anyone (including loved ones) what is affecting you.  Take your time to think everything through and then act.  Others may want to pop the question!  April births were born to work and work hard, born to be successful, born inventors in fact anything you turn your hand to you can achieve success.  So any ideas you fancy – follow them.  Just remember to have fun, if you work hard, play hard.

May – Punch back

You may need to keep your wits about you this month, someone you thought of as a friend may not be!  It’s not a loss to you anyway so move on quickly.  A friend or family member may call on you to act as a mediator, do so with willingness and love.  Someone around you sees you as an inspiration, how lovely.  You have the midas touch this month so go for gold – you may just get it!  Don’t get pushed around by someone, stand your ground and show them you mean business.  If you feel as if life is forever changing for you and then suddenly keeps coming to a halt use these ‘stop start’ times as a re-evaluation, a time to change what you’re not happy with.  Don’t keep rolling with life’s punches – punch back.

June – Be creative – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

You’re one of life’s survivors so always remember that when feeling low.  You’re a compassionate, caring and understanding person who deserves the very best.  If only others would realise it!  You have a natural flair for the unusual, so why not put it to good use and paint a picture or write a poem?  We rush around in life so much and forget to use our natural born talents to create something from nothing.  If you’ve told a little white lie then ‘fess’ up, you’re little white lie could just explode into a big fat one!

July – Quit worrying – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

You’re asked to be more in control than you’ve ever been this month.  A project or task needs your undivided attention so focus and work hard.  You may feel out of your depth but who doesn’t when the odds feel as if they’re stacked against us.  In this instance you can come out on top so quit worrying and putting your mind through overdrive – it isn’t necessary.  Just think of the end rewards.  Another opportunity may come along when you least expect it – almost like magic.  Jump in with both feet and worry about it later.  If you say it ‘like it is’ do so with compassion – when you unload on to others your words can hurt more than you realise.

August – Move on

When it feels like a lot is going on you can quickly lose the ground you’re standing on.  Don’t allow anything to get out of hand so keep a tight rein on everything and it’ll work out just fine.  You may have a lot on your mind this month, just use reason to work through it.  August births have a natural tendency to think big, so what’s holding you back?  If the fear of failure is stopping you moving on, then perhaps you’re falling at the first hurdle?  No one fails, if they’ve tried – you only fail when you haven’t tried.  If there is something you want to do – do it.

September – An important month – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

If you’re feeling conflicted about an important issue then perhaps the time is not right to act.  Stall your decision or actions, don’t feel rushed into making a decision – you don’t need to.  Some may want to take a different career path or make a different life choice – now is the time to put your plans into action.  We need money to get by in life but it doesn’t always make you happy.  The energy surrounding you this month is a karmic vibration so whatever you do, whatever you think, however you affect others will come back to you.  Think loving thoughts!

October – Rise & shine

If you’ve been feeling particularly low or unwell recently then February could bring some release.  Use this month’s energy to pep you up, to get yourself back on an even keel.  You have the ability to literally ‘rise and shine’ – even if you don’t feel it.  Changes are underway, perhaps even a move of house is on the cards.  A long awaited decision arrives.  Get your life in order before March gets here – you’ve only a month!  Be careful of becoming overly involved with someone or a cause – check their credentials.

November – Lady luck is here! – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Try not to push yourself to your limits this month – you have a natural tendency to do this anyway.  It may bring on exhaustion or physical and mental distress.  A family friend may need extra support so be on the look out.  Watch how much time and energy you spend on them as they’ll bounce back really quickly but you’ll be left ‘holding the baby’.  You may be offered something that appears to be too good to be true, check it out, be realistic and if all seems ok then go ahead.  Lady luck may just be on your side.

December – Overly sensitive

You may feel overly sensitive this month so try not to take everything friends or family say to heart.  The words are simply falling out of their mouths but you’re allowing it to wound you.  Don’t run at the first sign of a challenge or obstacle – stay put and face it.  You are a great supporter to others, the first to offer praise and advice – but who is there for you?  You rarely show you need love and care so those around you have no idea when you need a little extra tender love.  Show it and they’ll come flocking.  You’re an inspiration to many you just don’t realise it.