December 2018

January 2018 – Busy month

Wow what a busy month for you with changes in store.  As well as changes there are some comings and goings in your personal life.  You may meet new people with others leaving your inner circle.  Don’t despair it is for the better.  Be open to new ideas this month as they’ll impact your life in a positive way so don’t say no to everything just because it appears different.

February 2018 – Don’t overspend

Use common sense for everything you do during this phase, don’t do anything outlandish or act dreamily, be practical and down to earth.  I think February births normally watch the pennies but for some reason there’s a warning around being too extravagant so keep an eye out, don’t spend for the sake of it.  Other than that dare I say but it looks like a trouble free month – yikes!

March 2018 – Emotional ups and downs

For some reason the usual workload or hobby isn’t keeping you satisfied, you’re seeking more.  Don’t take on more, release some and then take it on.  Hmmm, there may be a few emotional ups and downs this month so attempt to relax (difficult for you) and take everything in your stride.  Otherwise you’ll burn out leaving yourself exhausted emotionally and wish you had acted differently.

April 2018 – Don’t delay – act

You may need to be more forceful than usual to get your point across.  Others are not listening to your opinion.  Is it because they either see through you or don’t want you making the same mistake again?  Whatever you do act in your best interests regardless of who it upsets.  There’s a new beginning waiting for you so don’t delay.

May 2018 – Look after yourself

Go out shopping and buy yourself a colourful outfit.  Wearing colour can brighten us up and bring us out of a slump.  If this is you, try it.  Travel seems to be highlighted so if not booked perhaps a weekend away or something to have a change of scene will do you wonders.  Don’t act on something quickly, pull back (regardless of another wanting you to sign on the dotted line) and do your research.

June 2018 – Balance in all things – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

You have the ability this month to reach for the stars, so go for it, it doesn’t happen often.  I know it’s Christmas month but family gatherings are highlighted so perhaps there are other celebrations going on.  Are you having an identity crisis or worrying about your roots?  If so seek help you don’t have to do it on your own.  You’re also asked to ensure both your emotional and spiritual needs are being met – easier said than done – but perhaps worth a look.

July 2018 – Be laid back – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Rewards for hard work are on the cards.  Be wary of becoming a perfectionist especially in relationships as it tends to not work out.  It will only put you under pressure, which at this time of year isn’t needed.  Although many know you as being laid-down you’re probably not so try it and actually mean it.  Remember you’re loved by many so you don’t need to seek assurances.

August 2018 – Change of scene

Do you feel as if you’re on a merry-go-round?  Continually finding yourself in the same situations?  Do something about it.  Don’t let life happen to you, it’s up to you to make a difference.  Someone is looking to you to take over a problem of theirs, step back; it’s their journey.  Helping is great but taking it over isn’t right.  A change of scene is on the cards for you so try something new.

September 2018 – Headspace – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Someone or something is trying to advise you but it won’t come through the usual channels.  Perhaps a sign in the street or overhearing a conversation will put things into perspective for you.  If you want to take time out (which may be difficult at this time of year) do it, you don’t need anyone’s permission to get some headspace.  Are you seeking approval for one of your actions?  Don’t, it’s ok.

October 2018 – Gift of the gab

You may have trouble keeping organised this month but keep at it as you may lose that important piece of paper!  You seem to have the ‘gift of the gab’ this month so put it to use especially if it’s for a job interview.  Be careful of using someone’s weakness for your gain, you may not realise you’re doing this but others will and it’ll leave a stale taste in their mouths.

November 2018 – Look carefully – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

If the bright lights are calling you don’t be deceived into looking at them through rose coloured glasses.  Look at what is actually on offer and go in with eyes wide open.  Do you feel as if something is missing in your life?  This can happen at this time of year so make sure it’s not the Christmassy effect but actual reality before you act.  Something good may be on its way to you.

December 2018 – Move on up

Happy birthday guys!  Something may not work out as you expected but don’t give in, keep going and it’ll work for you.  If you take too long making your mind up about something expect to lose it so don’t be indecisive be assertive.  Even though you’re on a learning curve with something don’t think that’s the end of the road another course or opening is coming up – so more learning and development.  Remember this is the 1st month of your new year (not January) so begin any new projects with gusto and enjoy doing it.