August 2018

January 2018 – Don’t run for the hills

Follow your gut instinct whenever dealing with big decisions or people that you are not comfortable with.  You may feel like running to the hills at times but try and stand your ground, be the formidable you.  Try not to overcommit to invitations or in agreeing to do something that you may end up regretting, take your time, there’s no hurry, don’t feel pressurized by others.  Remember everyone has their end game that may not match up with yours.

February 2018 – Don’t take your eye off the ball

Be wary of taking your eye off the ball as there could be a reverse in something.  Keep an eye on the pennies, on your bank balance or anything that would upset you if the tables turned on you.  If you find yourself spiraling within the same old problems then perhaps a fresh pair of eyes could help.  If you want to do the best for someone close to you then perhaps stepping back and letting them make up their own minds will work wonders.

March 2018 – Take control

If something is holding you back why aren’t you either finishing it or changing track?  There may be an offer of a new direction that could prove beneficial to you, it may be moving house or finally deciding you have to start afresh somewhere new.  Are you feeling apprehensive about someone around you that isn’t pulling their weight or is looking down on you (or so you feel)?  You can do something about the former so do it, the latter ignore.  Good news is on it’s way to you.

April 2018 – Believe how good you are and the rest will follow

Sorry April births but it looks like you’ll be working hard, if you don’t you won’t actually get anywhere and may end up wasting your time.  So dig deep and sort it.  You’re incredibly loyal but sometimes can take it too far: you can look after number one as there isn’t anything shameful in it.  You seem to be hiding your talents under a bush or you’re pushing it to the background, why?  You are good enough.  So believe it.

May 2018 – Positive month for many

Oh this could be a very positive month for many of you.  You may lack in confidence or feel shy about approaching others with an idea, but do it, what have you got to lose?  Think big and dream big just make sure the pennies add up.  If you feel as if problems at home or work are looming larger than everything else then start to tackle them one by one.  Don’t rush in and make an even bigger mess.  You may feel a little more anxious than usual but that’s fine breathe deeply.

June 2018 – Take time – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

You have the ability to juggle several things at once so carry on regardless just make sure you have some down time.  If you feel as if your moods are dropping or you can’t understand why you’re feeling low then get out in the fresh air and blow the cobwebs from your mind.  Do something fun.  An idea may drop into your head explore it and see where it can go.  Be careful of becoming fanatical about something that means a lot to you, it may lead you down the wrong path and you will have wasted so much time.

July 2018 – Don’t be dragged down – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

If you’re thinking of taking the next step with someone then think long and hard, look beyond their looks and what they appear to offer and see if you think it will last.  Take your time and don’t be rushed by anyone.  For others you could be on the verge of changing your life in some way some can jump straight into this others should step back and analyse every single detail. If others are feeling lonely or misunderstood then buck up, don’t allow your thoughts to drag you down.

August 2018 – Happy birthday!

Whatever ideas or plans you have during this month you have the opportunity to work on them throughout this year so go for it.  Don’t keep doing the same old thing, branch out in some way.  If you need more money or feel as if life has been more difficult for you than others then what can you do about it?  The probability is you won’t win the lottery so go out and make the necessary changes.  Look at what you are good at and don’t stop.  Don’t be shy if you need help.

September 2018 – Fast month – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Wow this could be a very fast month with either wanting to travel or your feet never touching the ground.  Be careful of running out of steam as you’ll end up burning out.  You’re asked to not stop but to evaluate everything and carry on.  There may be a situation that someone feels as if you are lording it over them or perhaps at times appearing a little too smug.  If you can’t see this then think over some conversations you’ve had recently as it’s there somewhere.

October 2018 – Scatter thoughts and feelings

If you’re mind and thoughts are scattered try and rein them in and look at why.  Perhaps you’re unsure of what you’re doing or where you’re going.  Either way this is the month to try and understand your thoughts and feelings especially if both are out of control.  You’re such a team player that everyone always wants to be with you but sometimes you need some time away on your own (without others).  There is something a little shaky on your doorstep that requires your attention else it could get out of hand – don’t delay.

November 2018 – Express yourself in art – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

You’ve got very strong energy surrounding you this month so be wary of allowing it to get out of control.  You’re being pushed into a direction of helping others which could be in the form of guidance or teaching i.e. passing on your knowledge.  By not giving to others or sharing what you know it may backfire on you in some way.  Explore your artistic side be it in poetry, art or music, you can make a difference in one of these areas, so go for it.

December 2018 – Think positively

Don’t feel defeated if something has gone wrong you have a golden opportunity to fix it.  If ignored you could end up losing out or not achieving the potential you so truly deserve.  Allowing your mind to wander negatively only impacts you, no one actually realises what goes on in your mind.  The energy surrounding you this month is a little unpredictable so watch out in case it trips you up.  You deserve good things so think positively as they could be delivered.