April 2018

January – Up & down month

You may feel at odds with yourself or others this month.  Don’t allow any negativity or indecision to get the better of you.  If someone is taking advantage of either you or a situation that affects you then take control – don’t allow it to get out of hand.  You have an opportunity to grow in some way, this may be emotionally or a relationship gets off the grounds or dramatically improves.  If someone around you is irresponsible or carefree don’t be influenced, it’s preferable for you to go after what you want!

February – Be wary of unrealistic ideas

You are allowed to change your mind on a big decision, just because you agreed doesn’t mean you can’t go back.  You have the amazing opportunity this month to change or create yourself a new life if you so wish.  If you’re feeling more sensitive than usual then perhaps taking a step back will allow you to understand why you’re feeling these emotions.  Be wary of allowing an unrealistic idea to take you over, keep your feet on the ground, you may end up losing more than pure pride.

March – Don’t be defeated

If you’ve been overworking or over indulging in some way, this month is the right time to rein in any unnecessary imbalance.  By continuing on this path you may find yourself either in deeper water or in some way paying a price for imbalance.  If you’ve been overworking, take time out, travel if possible or pause life to think about where you’re heading.  Don’t amber aimlessly: make plans.  If you’ve previously failed at something and truly want to do it, try again, don’t be defeated, something good is waiting for you.

April – Mixed bag of emotions

It’s a real mixed bag of emotions this month.  On one hand you’re asked to be supportive and at times sacrifice your needs for others, on the other hand you’re also asked to put yourself first.  Follow your principles and follow what actually matters to you.  In a couple of situations you may need nerves of steel to get you through, always remember your needs matter too.  You may come into possession of knowledge that could help propel you forward: you decide how to use it.  You’re asked to face the truth regardless of how unpleasant it is.  This may mean you face up to some home truths about yourself or those closest to you.

May – Create a calming environment

You’re thought of as reliable and dependable and always available in a crisis to help support others.  Perhaps now that you have a lot on your shoulders the same support can be returned to you.  If you’ve unfinished jobs around the house, complete them.  Unfinished tasks can create negative energy, create yourself a calming environment.  Allow three months for news to unfold, pushing for an earlier response may not give you the outcome you desire.

June – Think before you act – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

If someone is trying to pull you into either a new relationship or business relationship only do so if it is something you truly want.  The other party has an ulterior motive that may leave you on the back foot.  Don’t box yourself in this month, you’re only limited by your imagination, so think big and don’t restrict yourself.  You may need to ask yourself some serious questions regarding your motives – do you sometimes act without thinking?  If so why?  By doing so your allowing others to get the better of you.

July – Don’t get involved with everything – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Look at the details of documents or situations this month that concern you.  Try not to get involved with pettiness or niggly situations that can be left to others.  By doing the latter you may miss the bigger picture.  You may also feel as if you have a heavier burden weighing you down, but you can get through it virtually unscathed if you accept everything that comes along. Have you struggled with working out what to do for either a future career or business proposal?  If so carry on thinking, something will pop out to you, it’s always been there you just haven’t seen it

August – Enjoy what you have

Try not to hang on to past hurts (easier said than done, I know), the only person it affects is you.  It then has a knock-on effect on the decisions you make.  By doing this you are not making the most of your life.  Perhaps you’re also spending a lot of time questioning yourself or even criticising, which again means you are not seeing what is available to you.  Glass half empty comes to mind.  For some, situations surrounding them could actually be settling down, this leaves you time to have a glass of wine and contemplate your next move.  Enjoy what you have!

September – Success & taking responsibility – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

There are two aspects to the energy this month.  One surrounds making the best of every situation that comes your way and coming out on top – brilliant news.  The second is a feeling of wanting to take over the World and perhaps not doing it in the right way!  You may be riding roughshod over others which will not turn out in your favour – so think before acting this way.  Is there a situation close to you that you are not taking responsibility for?  Are you being irresponsible in anyway?  Look closely, you’re asked to take note and put right any irresponsible behaviour.

October – Challenge yourself

You’re asked to be quick on decisions and to sort out any obstacle that gets in your way.  Do you have a chip on your shoulder?  Do you sometimes think others have had it easier?  Maybe it’s how you’re looking at it.  Be careful of wanting more than you need, have you saved for it?  Do you have enough put by in case of emergencies?  If not, do so.  You’re a natural giving individual so don’t allow others to take advantage of your good nature.  You’re going to need to make your own luck this month, opportunities won’t come knocking on your door.  Challenge yourself, you’ll be surprised at what’s out there.  Good luck!

November – Don’t worry – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Don’t worry if you’ve feelings of ‘wanting to be alone’ this month.  There are times we need this.  Perhaps your mind or body want rest from the outside World.  Have you said something that has been misinterpreted?  Don’t worry, it happens, you can’t please everyone all the time.  By explaining yourself you’re giving the other person more power.  Sometimes it’s better to just shut up.  You may find you were right in the end.  Don’t worry about not having the perfect relationship, the perfect job, the perfect whatever, who does?  Look at what you actually have.

December – Be loving!

Hmmm, tall order this month.  You’re asked in some way to get involved with World politics, local community ‘stuff’ or simply look at what is going on in the World.  Don’t limit your thinking to your household, your family & friends.  Tolerance & compassion are called for in your actions and communications.  You may fail at something this month that means a lot, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it again and succeed next time round.  Don’t despair, it will happen, perhaps the time just isn’t right at the moment.