September 2017

January – Ripples have the biggest effect

If you’ve excelled at something (no matter how small) then build it bigger, don’t think small.  A tiny pebble in the water is enough to make the biggest ripples that are felt throughout the pond.  Your patience and support will be needed when others receive bad news – be there.  If you’re making plans for the future ensure they are realistic – be careful of overthinking and giving in to paranoid imaginings.  There’s a major shift underway for you – are you thinking of changing career, job or something completely different – whatever it is go ahead.

February – Don’t withdraw

This month’s energy is a double edge sword for you.  Some are asked to sit back and not interfere with anything but allow life to unfold.  Others are asked to act and act quickly.  Only you know what is right for you.  Some may be feeling as if their heads are going to explode, your thoughts seem to be getting out of control – if this is you – try some form of relaxation.  Be wary of withdrawing from friends and family – if you have a problem share it with them don’t keep it to yourself.  Once you say the words part of the problem feels as if it ebbs away.

March – Be in control

What a lovely month some of you will have – enjoy life to the fullest – don’t sit back and worry what others will think.  More than likely they’ll want a shot of whatever you’re on!  Think sweet thoughts and they’ll return to you.  Are you not in control in a part of your life?  Some areas we can’t control – you’ll always have to pay taxes and bills – but other areas you can – don’t be limited by your thoughts – branch out and take more control – don’t leave it to others.  Manipulation is different to taking control so think long and hard before you use your considerable force to influence another.

April – Be mercenary

Oh heavens, this month is about you taking responsibility for yourself in a big way.  If you’re overspending – rein it in, if you’re looking for somewhere to live – sort it, if someone is offering you something – double check it is viable and realistic.  It’s a month of caution in all areas as well as time to show you mean business.  You’re quick witted and alert with others behaviour but tend to not look at yours – take a mercenary approach to a problem in your life and act swiftly.  Use the energy around you to improve your situation.  Someone around you may not want you to move on, they aren’t looking out for your best interests.

May – Endings mean new beginnings

Another month of feeling as if you have to continually defend yourself.  Why is this happening?  Are you out of sync with others or they with you?  If it’s a relationship then perhaps you’ve ‘given your power away’ and your partner or friend are used to getting their own way.  This month is about you finding your worth, your value and ensuring your self-esteem is in a healthy place.  You may find a friendship, project or job is coming to an end, if you’re struggling with this try and alter your thoughts, its’ meant to be.  Endings bring new beginnings.  Change direction, wait and see what comes up for you.

June – Memories – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Sometimes when we feel anxious or unsettled a loved one visits from another realm (I know sounds crazy).  Talk to them as if you can see them – look for signs – it may help.  Memories from childhood or past relationships may be at the forefront of your mind.  Examine why.  If the memories are good perhaps something is missing from your life now, if bad or not so good remember they’ve led you to the path you are on now.  If they are uncomfortable memories perhaps they’ve resurfaced as someone around you is also struggling.  A good opportunity may arise – grab it with both hands.

July – Mishaps & courage – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Have you ever heard the saying ‘thoughts are more important than words’?  What you think today shapes your tomorrow – so think powerfully.  You may find this month is full of little mishaps and uncertainties.  Whatever the feeling rise above them and work around them.  If something looks too good to be true – then it is.  This month you’re asked to have the courage to take what you want – July births are great with the ideas but some struggle with direction, commitment and the overall confidence to push them through.  Someone ‘up there’ is looking after you so go for what you want.

August – Caution

Be careful of having one foot in two camps on opposing sides.  You may find yourself arguing with the best of them and the next minute supporting the exact same person. Love partnerships may have a few niggles this month – are you being too demanding?  Are you expecting too much?  There’s an air of secrecy around you – perhaps you are simply not saying how you feel.  Be wary of jumping into anything this month – it’s a cautious time so don’t make a move until you are absolutely sure it’s the right one.

September – Battle through Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Have you lied recently (or bent the truth) to floss over something?  Quickly put it right.  As much as you are a compassionate person you might not always show it – sometimes it comes across as bluster.  Some may even be explosive – but at the heart of it is passion.  You are passionate in love and in anything you do – sometimes you just don’t show it.  You may be feeling more responsibility on your shoulders than usual unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do about this – its called life.  Put a smile on your face (as usual) and battle through.

October – Good & Bad

For some this feels like a fairy tale month – what you wish for can come true.  Enjoy it, this energy doesn’t come round often enough for us. Unfortunately this month is about working hard, planning and then more planning especially if you want to get ahead.  Others may be feeling a little more anxious than usual especially if recent plans haven’t materialised.  You may need to change course or direction to counteract something.  This doesn’t mean you’ve failed it simply wasn’t the right time.

November – Rest, recuperate and come back stronger – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

When life knocks you down you tend to get up again stronger, this month is no exception.  Take time out to recuperate, rest and come back stronger.  For those that have struggled recently or had a hard time, life may be turning around for you.  Don’t put a front on: show others what’s going on in your life.  If you need help, ask for it – don’t shoulder everything yourself.  Don’t allow your opinions to upset others – pause, reflect and then give your response.

December – You’re both tough & sensitive

Hmm, stand your ground December births, someone is trying to browbeat you or manipulate you in some way.  You may not even realise it is happening so be aware!  You may feel like you’re having to take two steps back to move one forward – its’ worth it.  It may feel like sacrifice but sometimes that’s what happens.  Most don’t realise how sensitive and tender December births are as you can come across fairly matter of fact and at times tougher than the average person.  Show your tender side.  You have the potential to show others things you’ve learnt or experienced in life – so why not become a mentor, counsellor or teacher of some sort.