October 2017

January – Crash, regroup, be organised – what a month

October may bring some important lessons for you.  Depending on your actions they may come in the form of a project or dream that crashes down around you, or, it clears the way for a complete new beginning.  If the former don’t despair, it wouldn’t have worked anyway and you could have invested more in both time and money.  Regroup, pick up the pieces and do over.  If the latter a new you could be emerging.  This month allow your mind to wander and dream, get in touch with your emotions.  For others it’s a time to put plans in order, work out routines or whatever it is that will ensure you are efficient and organised.

February – Forgive & move on

Don’t allow your fears to take hold and ruin something that potentially could benefit you.  The worse doesn’t always happen.  Do something you really enjoy this month, put your heart and soul into it, flirt with someone, do that project you’ve been putting off.  If someone wants your forgiveness – can you find it in your heart to forgive them?  It doesn’t mean you rekindle your friendship it simply means you’ve moved on if you can forgive.  You may find it lifts your heart.  Make changes in your life that offer excitement – end the boring and ‘humdrum’ routine of life.

March – Be there

Some may receive good news this month, enjoy it, for others there may be delays causing frustration – there’s nothing you can do about it.  Be wary of your moods, you may feel very up and down this month – don’t allow it to ruin your time with that special someone.  Work out the problems rather than ‘huff’ about them.  Domesticity and anything to do with relationships is highlighted this month – this may mean you working harder at home, taking on more responsibility at home or literally supporting others.  You can’t fix everything but you can be there.

April – Party

You’re asked to party this month even if you don’t feel like it – get out and socialise.  Put your best frock on, your best smile (even if fake) and party.  You don’t easily trust others but this month you’re asked to – put your faith in others – they won’t let you down.  You may want to be alone, to ponder, to think but try and resist the urge.  April births are here to work through being in partnerships and relationships – this means some may avoid them or put restrictions in the way.  Come out of your shell.  Perhaps volunteering could be a path for you.

May – Cosmic ordering

Wow you may even have the ‘midas’ touch this month.  Dig deep within and find your hidden power to seek out and obtain what you want – it can be yours.  Cosmic ordering may even help!  We all have bad habits but for some they can be seriously health, mental or emotionally damaging.  If this is you – now is the time to put plans in place to improve – simply start with eating and sleeping properly – then focus on the big stuff.  You’re a naturally dynamic person where drama thrives – this month is no different – you may find yourself caught up in someone else’s problems – leave it to them.

June – Take a new path Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

You’re asked to push through this month and take control.  Be the leader, use communication to break down barriers, get out in front.  Some are coming to the end of a path or journey and wondering what to do next – perhaps pass on your immense knowledge to others.  Take a new path in life and change everything.  June births are here to work through issues with commitment and moderation – this month focus on both.  Commit to a project and see it through, moderate alcohol, work hard etc.  Be the best you can be – for you, not for anyone else.

July – Put a face on and fake it! Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

You may find you have to fight for what you want this month – it’s not going to come easily to you.  Stand your ground; if you want it then it’s worth fighting (or rather arguing) for.  This month you’re asked to work hard, to put the extra hours in and then some.  Changes are under way, which you are not always comfortable with, but it is for the best.  It’ll breathe new life into you.  You may have to put a face on or pretend you know what you are doing – meanwhile checking the Internet on actually how to do it – that’s fine.  This phase will soon pass and you’ll have learnt a lot.

August – Dig your heels in

Don’t make excuses for who you are or what you are doing – simply do it.  If others have an issue with it – leave them to it don’t get involved.  Bring out your stubborn streak and dig your heels in.  Others may be looking to you for guidance this month, be the one that brings diplomacy, tact and logic to every situation.  August births are here to work through issues regarding being too blunt or passive aggressive at times – so these situations are lessons for you.  Be honest and truthful in all dealings – otherwise it’ll come back to burn you.

September – Keep a lid on it Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Ooh try and keep a lid on your temper.  Let steam out another way – you may regret what you say and struggle to come back from it.  It may sound odd but you’re asked to be loyal, reliable and dependable this month from getting up in the morning until last thing at night – you will be exhausted by the end of it – but a better person for it.  Something that wasn’t working out you may find it now works.  If you have a problem, step back and look at it from either a different direction or perspective – you’ll be amazed at what it shows you.

October – A lot is going on!

Happy birthday guys!  New beginnings for many, new projects, a lot of comings and goings – anything is possible this month – major changes are underway for many.  For some, long- standing plans or even agreed contracts may need altering or obstacles appear that were not there before.  Work through them slowly, nothing is insurmountable.  Try not to be too rigid or controlling at home or at work – relax a little.  You’re asked to educate yourself this month, perhaps do a course, learn something on line – anything that improves you or your situation.

November – Be wary of being too dreamy this month! Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Go by your intuition this month, it won’t steer you wrong.  You’re asked to learn to be more self disciplined or self controlled this month.  Have you got an idea or dream of doing something?  If so check you are being realistic, have you thought it through?  Whatever you do don’t invest time and money until you are sure.  There may be some unexpected challenges you’ll face this month, deal with them efficiently and logically.  Some may feel lost emotionally or unsure of how they actually feel about something – go out on your own and allow your mind to wander – you’ll come up with the answer.

December – Feeling overwhelmed

You may feel more defensive than usual lately, perhaps even bitter towards someone.  Try and not allow this to cloud your judgment or your moods.  You may also feel a little chaotic or as if drama is following you everywhere.  Take a deep breath and deal with every situation as it comes.  Are you afraid of taking on responsibility or something that will put you out in front?  If you’re feeling overwhelmed try and remember that those are feelings – its not reality.  Work through them – you are such a capable person.  You should also be working for yourself.