November 2017

January – Lady Luck

Whatever occurs this month you seem to be able to take it in your stride i.e. nothing will shake you.  Keep this in mind if you start to wobble.  If someone is using you as the butt of their jokes do not fear, the tides will turn.  If you’re worrying more about money lately think of a way out, can you make more from a hobby?  You may need to be a little inventive to earn the extra cash.  Be careful of looking at others as if the grass is greener – it never is.  Look at what you’ve got and be thankful.  For some Lady Luck is shining upon you.

February – You’re no push over – remember that

Ooh be wary of looking through rose coloured glasses especially if it’s a possible relationship – double check their credentials – are they married or unobtainable in some way?  If they are available be wary of giving your all as that is exactly how it’ll remain.  Go into any new relationship as an equal partner.  February births are normally no push overs – this month it may feel as if you’re feet aren’t on the ground or as if you’re not being realistic about matters.  Don’t take any shortcuts as you may miss the minor details.  P.s. don’t lose your rag – it’ll come back to bite you!

March – What a month

How this month progresses for March births is entirely up to you.  If you attack it with gusto and appreciation you’ll come out on top, if you’re pessimistic or bullish it may be your downfall.  Balance is required.  March births tend to have expression issues in some way – they either say too much or say too little – either way speak from the heart don’t let anything fester.  There is a change in direction for some but it could be profitable so go with a big heart and lots of ambition which you are never short of.  You may be a shoulder to cry on for friends or family just be careful you don’t end up exhausted solving everyone’s problems but your own.

April – Keep busy

Don’t allow negativity or self criticism to get the better of you or defeat you – it isn’t necessary.  April births do have hidden anxieties that others are not aware of but that doesn’t mean you are cowards or lack in courage, quite the contrary.  You are born leaders but may struggle in this position.  This month asks you to strike out in some way, to change career, go travelling whatever would broaden your perspective on life.  Be careful of overdoing anything as you could end up burning out before you’ve accomplished anything.  The word for you this month is keep busy, keep active, keep happy.

May – Balance is key to happiness

If you have a secret keep it to yourself – do not gossip.  This month you’re asked to expand in some way (other than eating), take something you’ve already got and improve it – make money from it.  Some may feel generous this month so do give to others in some way but not so it leaves you with much less.  Over giving is as bad as not giving at all if you haven’t got it in the first place.  Who has the power in your relationship?  Neither should as balance is the right way forward – the energy surrounding you this month is asking you to build up any lack of self esteem or to step back if you’re too powerful or controlling.

June – You are a survivor – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Creative energy within may need an outlet – paint a picture, a door, write a story, dance anything that allows the energy to be expressed.  When it’s trapped inside it can cause inner chaos.  If you want to improve a part of your life, be it work, relationship or a project look at your part in it, what went wrong, what can you improve?  You can rebuild bigger and better so go for it.  If you feel as if life has hit you with a ten ton truck it will improve, you will survive this.  When you’ve dusted yourself down think about the future and new beginnings as they are around the corner.

July – Jump for joy – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Hmm you may not be the best at expressing your emotions as they can unnerve you but try this month.  You’re so good at goals and using your initiative but at times lack the confidence to speak your truth.  Good news arrives so enjoy it.  It may be nearly Winter but for some the Sun is shining – at last good things are happening.  For others get off the comfort zone wheel and make changes, you’re bright, clever and witty so go after gold, not it’s left overs.  Forgiveness may be key to ensure your mental well being.

August – Anything can happen this month

Take control, be top of the tree, always aim for the top.  This month is about hard work in all areas to achieve the desired results.  Be on time, organised and efficient, think outside the box.  Try not to be blinkered or tunnel visioned – just because somethings worked before doesn’t mean it’s the right approach.  For some life may feel as if its upturned your entire life – don’t fight against it go with it.  For others irritating obstacles may occur – they’re there for a reason – look at them and work with them.  For others rewards are on the way.

September – Challenge yourself – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Be cautious of doubting yourself or abilities this month as it may stop you moving forward.  Try not to take others comments to heart – for them it’s a slip of the tongue and no malice is meant.  Are you overdoing either the merry making, working or neglecting your health?  If you are rein it all in, it’ll soon take it’s toll on you.  Lady Luck isn’t going to knock on your door you’ll need to go out and find whatever it is you want or need.  If you can talk the talk then do the walk – challenging yourself is good for you – setting goals is crucial.  You were born to be successful and profitable.

October – Tough love

Don’t allow the green eyed monster to cloud your judgement.  If others have something you want they may have inherited it or earned it – either way you’re path is different.  There should be some pleasant moments this month or a dream is being realised in some way.  At last you cry!  Even the smallest things can make your heart sing.  You’re able to give or show unconditional love to others but somethings this isn’t the right course of action.  Tough love is sometimes needed – you can give it out but only to those that don’t matter to you.

November – Let it be – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

You’re being given extra help this month from another realm!  They’ll hint at an idea or give you a nudge to push you in the right direction – follow it – don’t delay.  If you’ve had your fair share of bad luck or news now is the time to improve it.  Someone or something will come along to help you – you just simply have to notice it so keep your eyes open.  If you’re going over a past situation that left you wounded or hurt perhaps it isn’t healthy to keep revisiting it.  Can you change it?  If not let it be.

December – All & everything is possible this month

Keep your eye on the pennies, put some away if you can.  The energy surrounding you this month is to do with family, tradition and honour.  You’re asked to do the right thing in all areas, to be the helper, the supporter, the worker and the candle wick maker!  If you are keen to meet someone the time is right, you’re magnetic, charismatic and a force to be reckoned with so go for it. You may feel as if you have to defend yourself but check it isn’t your own head playing tricks with you.  Be kind, patient and tolerant. By the end of the month you’ll be exhausted.