May 2017

January – Follow your ideas

Follow your idea(s), don’t let them stagnate, muster up enthusiasm or energy from somewhere.  Finish those little annoying tasks and put the work in – it can pay off – finishing things off leaves a gap for new energy to enter.  When controlling a situation do not act like a bull in a china shop – soft and gentle will win through.  Everything you are going through now is a learning curve – you’ll develop and grow – take your emotions out of situations and just deal with them.

February – Take the plunge

February births aren’t always known for being in touch with their emotions (or so others believe) – little do they know you’re knotted up inside.  This month allow your emotions through – what’s the worse that can happen?  For those trying to breakthrough into a new career or business, take the plunge: don’t delay.  Opportunity may be knocking on your door and the last thing you want to be doing is dragging your heels.

March – Chill & Relax

Oooh are you all over the place?  This month you’re asked to stand up on your own two feet and fight your battles.  You’re normally good at this but for some reason when the spotlight is pointed at you it feels as if you fall apart.  At the moment you’re a little too sensitive, can you take a break?  Even to a Spa to chill and relax.  You offer unconditional love to everyone – don’t forget yourself – be kind to You.  Plans or new ideas are at the forefront of your mind – use this month’s energy to put them into action.

April – Love & Light

Someone around you may be in need of a little extra support from you this month.  You’re so practical and down to earth that you could be a guiding light for others – so why not help others – be a mentor or a guide in someway.  You’re integrity will be tested this month?  Be loving and caring to all to ensure you pass the test.  Keep a lid on your temper as you’ll regret it.  Are your moods getting out of control?  Get help – don’t suffer in silence.

May – Up & Down

Are you feeling regret or even a little humiliated, or even restricted from an action?  Apologise, learn your lesson and move on.  Keeping yourself down won’t help you or anyone else.  Use this month’s energy to alter direction – it’s there for you to use so act.  You may also need a little extra help or support from others – ask for it.  May births do find that their lives appear more up and down than others which can feel a little unsettling at times – you can deal with these moments.  Make a wish and put it out to the universe – it may just happen.

June – Go for it – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

The energy available to you this month is fantastic – it’s the ‘go and grab’ the opportunity that comes along.  Anyone looking for a good career move, or an improvement in finances keep your eyes open.  Someone could also be on hand to help perhaps even a financial adviser.  You’re asked to reach for the Stars this month – dream big.  Keep a check on your thoughts, if you’re waking up at night anxious and worried – get help – don’t suffer in silence.  For others it could be the complete opposite – carefree and ready to go.

July – Don’t fluff Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Some may have to step back from the limelight and let others go forth, others feel over stretched and feel as if all they do is support family and friends.  Whichever it is you’re asked to do it lovingly and willingly.  For those that have had a tough ride of late, rewards or compensation of some sort could be on its way.  This will help you to feel a little freer than you have recently.  You may need to have a talk or tell someone how you feel – do so straight from the heart – no fluffing or merry go rounds – just say it.

August – Dig deep & don’t brag

Keep a lid on your mouth – if you feel like bragging or exaggerating the truth – don’t. Let others talk or drop themselves in it.  You’re normally very good socially but this month may find you wanting time alone.  Don’t ignore this feeling your mind needs it.  This month’s energy is one of digging deep – be it for a relationship, study or a talent – whichever it is – don’t accept what is on the surface.  In a relationship you struggle to openly show love – think how this feels if it were you on the receiving end.  When studying – investigate more on the subject – don’t just accept it from one website or book.  Regarding a talent learn every single thing you can.

September – Watch the pennies Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

You’re a force to be reckoned with this month so choose your words wisely – you may only have one chance to deliver.  Changes may unsettle you, go with them, life throws these curve balls to see how we’ll act.  There could be a little bit of mischief at foot with one of your friends or circle – deal with it with the contempt it deserves – don’t rise.  How do you manage your household budget?  If not well, learn how to, make the most of the pennies and watch the pounds grow.

October – You’re a survivor

Do you feel as if you’re rushing into something – you probably are.  The rush may well be needed but double check.  For some news is on the way that they’ve been waiting for, others will feel as if they haven’t stopped and aren’t making any headway.  If you’ve been worrying about something for a while, this month may just make a difference for you.  You’re asked to be strong, assertive and to take a chance, don’t stand still.  Always remember you’re a survivor.

November – Be supportive but not sacrificial Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Are you separating yourself from a partner or friends?  Is it because you feel betrayed in someway or let down?  Were your standards too high in the first place?  If the situation or relationship wasn’t in your best interests anyway then good on you.  Are you feeling the strain from overworking?  Did you have to overwork?  November births are asked to give more in relationships than others, they’re asked to be more supportive than others – a tall order.  Be careful of over giving in a one on one relationship – you’ll end up the loser.

December – Bide your time

Quick decisions will need to be made this month, don’t muddle your thoughts with alcohol or late nights: be in control.  You may need to focus more on work or goals, if you don’t you’ll end up not finishing or achieving anything – what a waste.  You don’t normally like being told what to do but unfortunately in this life you can’t avoid it, you may need to shut up and put up for a while.  Bide your time.  Put your head down and work hard – always work, work and more work I know.