March 2017

January – Show who you are

As much as this month’s energy requires you to pause and rethink you may not have a choice this month. A new direction or change may be forced upon you – it might not be all that bad once you’ve settled down. January births are not known for their dreamy like nature but this month have a go, allow your mind to wander. What are you capable of doing? Where can you head? Don’t accept what you are handed – you can do better – your choice. Don’t hide your feelings – show who you are and don’t be so hard on yourself you are a good person.

February – Don’t do yourself an injustice

Everyone thinks you are so calm and collected but they have no idea what is going on inside your head or your heart. Carry on this month – don’t blow up. A situation around you may be gathering speed make sure you’ve crossed your ‘t’s and dotted your ‘I’s in case you are caught short. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done but don’t allow it to go to your head – you may just be pulled down from your ‘high horse’. Are you fond of controlling others? Examine your motives for doing so as you may be doing yourself an injustice.

March – Don’t be bamboozled

Hmmm dig deep this month and draw on any hidden energy resources you have you may need them. Don’t allow others to bamboozle you, stand your ground – think of a boxer in a ring and punch back verbally using the correct tone – whatever you give out this month comes back to you so make sure its warranted. If you feel caught in a situation don’t blame others look to yourself first, you can change it. For those wanting to rush ahead with something – slow down and give it time.

April – Go wandering and rest your mind

Something comes to your attention or appears to be ready for you to take action – don’t delay – get in there now. If you think someone is talking about you or out to get you make sure you are not being paranoid as this month offers you an abundance of this energy. It plays with your mind – if this is happening to you – use the energy wisely. The lessons surrounding April births are to do with organisation and adapting quickly to change – why not stir things up? Take a week off and wander somewhere – don’t make plans just do it – even if only for a day. Your mind needs the rest.

May – You are not a drama queen

Oooh don’t allow your mouth to drop you in it. Be measured in all responses else you’ll end up in trouble – don’t exaggerate either – be accurate. Dare I say it – buy a lottery ticket! Some may experience a lucky windfall. This month may feel a little heavy for some of you – some people create their own drama – it doesn’t look like you are. Take a deep breath and soldier on this time does pass. If you are having to share either your time or attention with more than one thing make sure you’ve apportioned it correctly.

June – Enjoy this month – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Watch the pennies – don’t overspend keep it close to you. Family parties or meetings are highlighted this month – enjoy them. Don’t forget to pay attention to the older members either – some may be feeling a little left out. You’re encouraged to make plans for the future – sit down, brain storm and get your ideas out there – the energy surrounding you is good. Some may be struggling with their faith or wondering what life is all about – almost an identity crisis. You are very good at giving advice to others – listen to yourself more.

July – Work and more work – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Work and more work is expected this month – don’t shirk it – do it. Because it is going to be a ‘work’ month make sure you are making the best use of your time – go over your plans – can you improve anything anywhere? Put thought into it – don’t just do it. Some may find they are having to battle to get their way or to simply do what they are supposed to be doing – don’t give up. You need to take part in this. Say what you mean to those bothering you – don’t smooth it over.

August – Be adventurous

To make progress this month you may have to overcome a number of niggly bits – challenges – obstacles – life may be ‘chucking’ everything at you. Once overcome you can move forward. Be wary of someone making empty promises – their mouth is running away with them – they don’t mean any harm – but it leaves you empty handed. Try not to be too serious this month – go with the flow a little more – be adventurous.

September – Don’t settle – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Be careful of making too much drama this month it may not work out well for you. The energy surrounding you at the moment is mischievous – be fun, outgoing and creative – it’ll use up the energy. September births have very creative minds but often do not put them to good use – write the short story, the poem or paint the picture you’ve always wanted to. Don’t settle for second best – you aren’t so use your talents. Don’t rush into plans – give it enough time so you can see everything – something isn’t right so allow enough time to pass. It’s fine if you feel as if you are taking two steps back and one forward if you don’t there may be a price to pay.

October – Have fun

Don’t be the doubting Thomas or have the glass half empty attitude – be the glass half full! If you are entering into a new partnership or contract (including marriage) pause for a moment – are you rushing in? If you’ve examined your motives and are happy that you are genuinely seeing the real person or have all the information to hand then go for it. If in any doubt – back out now. Something could be clouding your judgement. For others go out and have fun – go on that date – go further – this month is about love and relationships in all forms.

November – What a month – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Some may feel on top of the world with others feeling as if they are at the mercy of others. What a mix. Some are setting up home this month while others are building up walls to keep everyone at bay. Whatever your bag know that planning all moves works out in your favour. Where finances are concerned do not take risks – you may end up losing. Love encounters for single November births are on the cards – go out and meet them – don’t sit at home and wait they won’t knock on your door.

December – Wise and naïve

Without even trying you are helping those around you this month. Perhaps it’s your work ethic or the wise things you say – whatever it is keep it up – those around you need you. Others may misunderstand you or your efforts but ignore them – they aren’t on the same wavelength as you. Be wary of someone coming into your life promising you the world – they haven’t got it. You are wise beyond your years, but at times you appear naïve or struggle to understand why those close to you react how they do. Put yourself in their shoes.