June 2017

January – Life happens to you this month

Don’t try and bend everyone to your way of thinking – if you think you’re right prove it – others will follow. You may find yourself helping family or friends this month – they need support. Be cautious this month when accepting invitations – for some it may backfire – tread slowly and don’t over extend yourself. Sometimes you either over work or over help – try moderating your behaviour. Good news is on its way to you – enjoy it – don’t take life so seriously try and remember it can be good. Changes may occur that affect you – you can’t improve it – make the best of it.

February – Be you but softer

Oh flip, whatever you say this month seems to have an impact on others that may come across as either harsh or critical – try and soften your approach. If in doubt – say absolutely nothing. Some may attract a lot of attention this month – ooze charm. For those struggling to commit to a job, home or relationship this month it may not get any easier – there just seems to be so much to do everywhere else. Be wary of the grass is greener scenario as it seldom is – there is always a trade off. Some may want to put on airs and graces or even hide their true self – don’t.

March – Get up and achieve

Hmm – if you have an idea to do something – follow it – this energy is only around for a little while – make the most of it. It’s an enterprise energy, one that promises success to the worker. If you want that new position or managerial role – what’s holding you back – use this month’s energy to propel yourself. The time is right for you to take control. For others who may feel a little lazier this month, or have an air of ‘I can’t be bothered’ about them – get up and do something. There are opportunities awaiting you that are only around during this phase – make use of this energy!

April – Be strong

You may need to watch your pennies this month so don’t overspend especially if you haven’t got any to begin with. This month’s energy is pushing you to be more independent – so in what way can you achieve this? It may be that you are following in someone’s footsteps instead of your own, or you stand back while others take the credit. Dig deep and fight your battles. Hold your emotions in at least for a couple of weeks and use your mind & words i.e. communicate effectively. Are you trying to make a decision but keep waffling – again be stronger and stand on your own. So what if others disagree with you – it what makes you unique.

May – Slow down

You may suffer a setback this month so what can you do about it to make something work? Don’t get down or despondent – pick yourself up and try again – learn from past mistakes. The energy surrounding you this month is one of ‘redeem from failure to success’ so have another go. It may sound silly but this month you do need to eat and sleep properly – cut out the sugar and processed food – go to bed early. Just watch your health. When making a decision use your gut instinct not logic or emotion. Slow down your life just for this month.

June – Be calm Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Relax and enjoy this month’s energy, spend time at home and with family and friends – you’ll come out of this month a better person – and calmer! If you are able to sit in meditation or even in stillness for 5 minutes a day (I know can be a tall order) you’ll benefit from its calming influence. This month seems to be asking you to search for a deeper meaning in life or connect to the inner you. You may feel as if you have the ‘midas touch’ in business or money matters but do be careful as there is a mischievous energy at foot – it’s trying to fool you.

July – Spice up your life – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Are your standards so high that even you struggle to match them? This is a month for working hard and being committed – something that you may struggle with. There appears to be a law & order energy surrounding you for the next couple of weeks – so don’t break the law as you’ll be caught – it can be anything from speeding to diddling the tax man. Don’t give in to your fantasies – they are purely that. Do something different and break up your routine – spice your life up (based on reality not fantasy).

August – Put a lid on your emotions

A new direction or path is in store for some of you – it’s at the beginning but advancement and success can be obtained. Are you the doubting Thomas about your abilities? Don’t give in to these negative thoughts as they’ll develop further. You may feel as if you want to explode and ‘charge’ at someone for how they have treated you – take a deep breath – otherwise you’ll end up the loser. Putting a lid on your emotions isn’t always healthy but exploding isn’t good. Are you trying to seek approval? Maybe it isn’t needed but it is purely your lack of self-esteem.

September – Mix with others Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Be careful of your ambition getting out of control, the ends do not always justify the means. This month may feel odd or even put you out of sorts in some way. If need be keep your head down and don’t ruffle anyone’s feathers. You may even find yourself being the support for someone else – you’ll be able to push them further than they realise they can go. The happy ever after you seek doesn’t come easily – you’ll need to mix with others and work hard – it can be done. There may be a change in your love life – for the better – so take advantage of this month’s energy. Are you becoming a recluse or someone that doesn’t easily mix? Change this.

October – Adapt & overcome

You’ll be called on this month to show others how it’s done – nothing seems to shake you – you always say and do the right thing. Do you feel lonely? Sometimes we need this feeling to reconnect with self – are you doing this or just worrying about being lonely? You may need to go with the flow a little more than usual and be adaptable to changing situations around you. Money may be on its way – be wise and store some away. For others if money is a problem you’re asked to use this month’s energy to develop money making schemes. Don’t just accept that you don’t have any.

November – Get involved Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

There appears to be lots going on for you this month so get involved. Some may want to run and hide but be careful of distancing yourself from others it isn’t healthy. You may have a tendency to overthink others words or actions – don’t – just get on with everything. For some a shock or a big change in plans may occur – this is a learning curve. If you’re having trust issues with a special someone then check them out – don’t simply give in to paranoia and over worry – if you trust your intuition then there may be something amiss.

December – You’re oozing charm

You may feel as if you’re being tested or life is continually pushing you to a wall – so hopefully things will improve this month. There appears to be a lot of movement in your life over the next 2-3 weeks i.e. comings and goings – perhaps even travel highlighted. Don’t take any financial risks, make sure everything is sound as there is a chance you’ll come off worse. People seem drawn to you – you’re oozing charm and sex appeal so make the most of it! For some there is a higher calling, one that asks you to bring your faith into some form of business – which is unusual. Don’t give in to any cravings or self indulgences.