July 2017

January – Identity crisis

Some may have a little identity crisis going on, not quite sure who they are, what they want from life and where they’re heading. All of these are big questions are not to be taken lightly – so take your time. A new venture or opportunity looks like it’s on the doorstep for you, you may have to be out and about to see it so don’t stay at home. You’re asked to put your head down and work hard this month, no shortcuts for you. You may be asked to lend a hand to someone – do so even if you are struggling to fit it in.

February – Be wary this month

This month asks you to re-evaluate something, maybe you need to learn a lesson and redo, whatever it is don’t accept it how it is, make the changes. Be in control and don’t hand the reins to anyone else. You may have a couple of choices or are trying to make a decision don’t go for the one that offers the most money as it may not work out. You’re not being told something that may affect you so keep your eyes open. It may even be someone offering you love or a new relationship, be wary as they’re hiding something.

March – Feel the passion

This month has a feel of tying things up, making sure there are no loose ends, ready to begin something new. Clearing up loose ends allows room for new energy to come in to your life – without this it can be delayed. You may feel passionate about something and feel the need to argue your way through, you may be right to do so. If you’re losing be better prepared next time. A new idea or scheme may drop into your mind, follow it.

April – Courage is required

Are you worrying about confronting someone? Sometimes you need to do this, just like the month’s energy take the emotion out of it and act. Thinking about it is worse than the actual doing of it – so just do it. Do your thoughts sometimes drag you down? You have beautiful energy open to you this month so use it to change your thought patterns. Take small steps and persevere – it’ll work. You’ll need more than your fair share of courage this month as it may feel like a challenging month but that doesn’t mean it isn’t surmountable.

May – A very mixed month of energy

This month almost has a feel of getting back to normal for some and dare I say it some may even come into money. So do the lottery! Others may find themselves waking up at night worrying about everything from their bank balance to their cat – just unable to switch off. Some may feel as if life is testing them and leaves them wishing they hadn’t got out of bed that day. It’s a real mixed bag of energy for May births. Above all don’t ignore any problems face them.

June – Midas touch Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

The midas touch is around this month so make the most of it’s energy while it lasts. Of course don’t allow anything to go to your head as guess what once you do it’s taken away. Don’t be slow to act or communicate once you have the relevant information, weigh up the pros and cons, but act. Some may feel the hand of fate through changes that they can do nothing about. June births are asked to be more adventurous than the average individual and this month is no different – go on holiday at the last minute or apply for the job that is above your pay grade – you never know you may just get it!

July – Have a carefree month Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

This month asks you to take your foot off the pedal and spend time at home, relaxing maybe even in the garden. Sit back in a chair and dream of what you want from life, you never know you may be sowing the seeds for future endeavours. Others are asked to go out and enjoy socialising, dancing or whatever takes your fancy. Don’t take perceived criticism to heart as it isn’t meant to hurt you – brush it off, try and have a care free month as there aren’t many of them. There may be delays to an important project or a decision but these are to be expected so don’t overly worry.

August – Adventure & upheaval

Take pride in your work as this month you need to shine. Don’t do a slap dash job, carry every duty out with love. For some a nice little adventure is on the way, it may even be something completely different than you’ve done before. Be wary of talking too much as it’ll bother others and may even stop you progressing. Similarly if you feel angry take a deep breath do not become tyrannical as you’ll deeply offend. Some may see upheaval during this month, go with it, as always don’t fight against it as you’ll come off worse.

September – Get down & dirty Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Expect competition or quarrelling from some quarters this month, don’t ignore it, get involved and establish your ground. You may need to dig deep and show more compassion than you normally would as you’re asked to support those close to you. If you’ve been there before with them don’t show it – sometimes it takes a few turns of the wheel before we ‘get it’. You may also have a few problems niggling away at you that you’ll need to solve this month – don’t put them off – something that September births are very good at as they’ll only magnify.

October – Busy Bee

October births are very good at showing the face they want others to see rather than who they actually are. This month asks you to unveil yourself and enjoy being you. There is either travel or moving on the cards for some, so a rather busy and hectic time. You have access to a very high energy level this month so make the most of it – typically it’ll offer you ways to change your life around, re-evaluation is called for on all levels. Be careful of being overly critical or judgmental of others, not everyone has your high standards.

November – Itchy feet Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

You may have itchy feet this month perhaps a holiday is what you need or is it a complete overhaul of your life? Try travelling (I wish) for a while if you are able before setting down roots. If you are unable to overhaul your life or travel, how about doing something completely different? Sometimes that’s all that is needed. Remember actions are what matter. Don’t take too long to make your mind up about an important issue before you know it, life has passed you by. Others may have hurdles to jump over and feel as if they are going through them instead, either way you can come out on top.

December – Lots going on

Is the winning or coming out on top worth it? Make sure it is. You may have acted in haste regarding a work or money matter, don’t be disheartened you’ll have a chance to rectify it – be upfront though. You’re asked to look deeper into matters close to your heart and not just accept what someone is telling you. You’re a clever and quick-minded person so put those qualities to good use. There may be changes this month that you aren’t either happy with or struggle to adapt to, take a deep breath and go with them. You’re such a sensitive person so this month are asked to watch how you speak to others – don’t automatically assume it’ll roll off someone’s shoulders.