January 2017

January – Not an exciting month but rewarding

If you are owed money or waiting for some form of financial settlement, this may be the month it arrives. There may be someone looking out for you that is pushing it along. Everything takes its time this month with nothing materialising quickly. Know that if you focus your time and energy on the task(s) in hand you will have a favourable outcome. You may also learn information previously hidden from you. Work on your time keeping or routine to maximise the most from your day. Go along with changes that occur, co-operate, be patient and you’ll rise over others.

February – Go gently

February births wanting a new direction, career or business – take it now. If you know what you want, great plan for it, if you have no idea – dare to dream, from that you’ll have an inspirational idea. Mull it over for a few days or weeks and the semblance of a plan will emerge. You have luck on your side. Be careful of either over spending or over eating – the energy surrounding you is one of gain and loss. Think before you speak as you are likely to come across as critical and at times over bearing – go gently.

March – Look within

This month asks you to look within, to reflect on choices you’ve made. You’re asked to be completely honest with yourself and others and be direct in all dealings. Not many know what you think and this month is no exception. It’s as if you keep a little piece of you away from the world – your special space – go there this month if needed. You are extremely supportive of others but at times do not receive it in return. Either a responsibility or restriction is lifted from you this month leaving you feeling a whole lot lighter.

April – Express yourself

As one year leaves and another creeps in allow time to pat yourself on the back. This month is a bit of a mixed bag, for some activity is the word, others taking a break or stepping back is called for. Whichever bag you fall into be wary of taking on too much work or responsibility it’ll leave you exhausted. Are you desperately trying to make something work? Are you feeling trapped or emotionally gagged? This is the month you express yourself, say how you feel – don’t be put upon.   Some unexpected news may be dropping through your letterbox, deal with it calmly.

May – Don’t settle – push

If life has felt boring it may not be for too long. Changes may be occurring even if you are not aware of them. Time is required to allow them to unfold don’t rush anything even if tempted to hurry things along. Is there an area in your life that you may not know all the facts about? Is someone not telling you the entire truth? Something somewhere is amiss – keep your eyes open. Have you thought about volunteering, being a mentor or offering guidance to others? Have belief in yourself and push your boundaries – don’t settle.

June – Be in control  (Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked)

If being disorganised is your middle name now is the time to improve. Take control of either yourself or a situation. If others are not in agreement with you it doesn’t mean they are against you, it’s simply their opinion. If you find yourself forever helping others or always ‘going the extra mile’ remember it’s you that does it – others expect it because you always do it. If you want out of a relationship then change it, only you can do it. Phew what else have you got going on? You’re fun loving so get out and enjoy yourself.

July – Man of steel  (Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked)

You may need to summon up a lot of courage this month to face the onslaught; it’s worth it though. Regardless of what’s going on treat everyone with kid gloves: do not lose it for an instant. Stand your ground and assert yourself something many July births are not good at. Many are passive aggressive while others charge in. If you’re the latter remember kid gloves. Others will look to you for guidance, have high standards, be detached (not involved emotionally) and you’ll ‘rock’. This month is about you taking responsibility for ‘you’. Something you’ve spent a lot of time on may kick off its still slow going but good.

August – Shine

Keep your wits about you, don’t blink or you’ll miss an important detail or conversation. Others may think you ooze confidence only you know what it takes to put on a show. When faced with a difficult decision this month be mercenary, be careful of allowing someone to get the upper hand. If you have inner turmoil don’t allow it to carry on, make a decision and stick with it. You may not want to spend much time alone this month, that’s fine, mix with others, learn from them. You may not feel part of the group but try. Sometimes a softer side needs to shine, allow yours through.

September – Implement your crazy idea  (Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked)

If something hasn’t worked out as planned then try again, were you ready? At times there are no winners: compromising is the key. If you want more then try again, if it doesn’t work, swallow your pride and walk away. You only fail and have regrets if you don’t try. Work on your ‘happy ever after’ and make plans. As a September birth you are here to experience planning, to implement any new crazy idea and to build – go for it. Do you suffer panic attacks? Is emotion building up inside? If this is you find a creative outlet it may just help.

October – Who am I & what do I want?

Relationships are under the spotlight this month and how you deal with them. If you cover up emotionally all the time, don’t, blow up – shock them. October births often battle through life with many having identity issues, would it help to go away for a few days on your own? Take time to work out what you want from life – I know it’s heavy. You’re known as someone to be counted on in a crisis, if only they knew how you are inside. Do you need to tell someone a home truth? What are you holding back? You may be offered a new role or asked to take over something, either way you’re in charge – good luck.

November – Extra life burden  (Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked)

When things are going well for you do you still fear they’ll fail? If you’ve had hard knocks in life it doesn’t mean it’ll always be like that. November births fall into two camps: the worker or the shirker. As November births have an extra burden in life (the work hard burden) you’re asked to always put your all into anything you do so don’t shirk. Things in life do go wrong but its how you fix them or pick yourself up that matters. It looks as if for some life is improving or a certain situation is coming to an end. You may have to be a little deceptive for a while but that’s fine, keep focussed.

December – Shut up!

You’re going to need a lot of self-control to contain either your anger or jealousy. Whatever you do, don’t pass on your thoughts: your mind may be the problem. A wise man once said: if in doubt, shut your mouth! Someone in your life may need to spend more time with you: parent, child, partner or friend. They’re feeling left out, so even if you think it is ridiculous put you on the back burner and focus on them. Regarding a work situation you’re still learning, accept the challenges and again keep quiet.