February 2017

January – Smile and the world smiles with you

If you’ve been feeling as if you’re in the dark with others knowing more than you – perhaps this month’s energy will offer the required insights. When you have the information, act. Changes are happening even if you are not aware of them so keep your eyes and ears wide open. Don’t miss a thing. When faced with a challenging person or situation face them head on – don’t give an inch. Have you been self-absorbed lately (through no fault of your own)? If so, now is the time to show your lovely caring side to others. If you’ve been feeling down of late do something that brightens you up don’t give in to negativity or criticism even if you can accept it.

February – Grow & learn

You may need to remind yourself this month of how strong you are, whatever obstacle is in your way do not hit it head on. Use your head and not your emotions. This month you’re asked to take responsibility for some past action or deed, perhaps it’s always niggled away at you, now you can put it right. Have you been deceiving someone? Show your cards in a decent way – they may already realise what you’re doing. Do you ignore modern technology? Don’t, it’ll improve your life, have a go at something new. From the troubles you have this month regardless of how big or small you can grow and learn so much. Someone may want to cry on your shoulder – offer it.

March – Find an outlet (not a shopping outlet!)

Oh wow how much harder can you push yourself? You are one of life’s survivors but that doesn’t mean you have to continually push and push. Give yourself a breathing space. You have a natural talent or leaning towards the arts or some form of creativity – are you using it? If not join a class and explore your hidden talents – you may just amaze yourself. As much as you chatter away to others March births are naturally more inward so find that outlet for your creativity – you’ll see a difference in your emotions – you’ll be calmer. Has someone left you holding the baby? Are you having to sort someone else’s baggage or problems? Are you doing this so you do not have to face your own problems?   You’re over doing it so stop taking on more. Always remember you are a loveable likeable person.

April – Move on in life

Rein in any merry making or over talking and use your energy for improving situations in your life. If you’ve had a number of false starts at something whose at fault? Prepare yourself and ensure you are ready for the next new chance encounter or opportunity – they will be coming – so why run? April births are great at showing everyone they mean business but then running at the first sign of a challenge. Those born in April have unbelievable abilities if only they believed in themselves, when you were born ‘the gloves were off’ it was up to you what you did with your life. Is there a relationship or situation around you that is ending? Are you simply hanging on in there because it’s easier? Finish it and move on – there is more waiting for you.

May – Shine, shine, shine

There appears to be some double-dealings around you, have you noticed? If not look at friends, work, something is amiss somewhere. Just because you’ve given your all to someone or something it doesn’t mean they or it owe you, it simply means you gave your all for your reasons. You’re being asked to stand out this month, so take the ‘bull by the horns’ and lead, you’re hiding your light – go out and shine, shine, shine. Ok you have three choices you act selfless, selfish or meet yourself in the middle and do a bit of both – opt for the latter.

June – Don’t worry – upset the apple cart  (Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Do friends and family say at times you can seem aloof or distant? If so now is not the time to change that, use this ‘ability’ to go out and get what you want. This month think one thing and say another – no one will be able to second-guess you. Whatever you do, don’t ‘show your hand’ keep everyone guessing. For those about to sign contracts (including marriage) maybe take a step back and rethink – it doesn’t mean don’t do it – it simply means make sure it is actually what you want. You are a dedicated individual who at times struggles to upset the apple cart; unfortunately at times it is needed.

July – Stop dreaming & start doing  (Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked)

Be wary of your emotions clouding your judgement, can you trust in you at the moment or are you so desperate to do something that you’re ignoring your better judgment? Enjoy this month and spend as much time as possible with loved ones, perhaps even go on holiday (late notice I know). This may be a good month for many of you so get out and do something different for a change. Spice up your love life or go on that date you’ve been pinning for – romance is in the air. Stop dreaming and start doing. This is also a month for doing the jobs at home, paint the door, do whatever it takes to make your home your sanctuary.

August – Carry on as you are

Do you need a health check up or perhaps have a niggling warning in your head about over doing something that is affecting your health? Listen to yourself and clean up your act. Unlike other birth months, August births make their own luck: they go out and seek opportunities rather than wait for them. You’re such a power house energy that others struggle to keep up, this month is no exception, so use this energy to change direction if you need to. Do family or friends think you are arrogant? If they do, don’t worry – they simply don’t understand how you think, you’re quick, alert and do not suffer fools easily – carry on.

September – Keep quiet  (Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked)

You’re in danger of not actually achieving anything this month unless you take control of your thoughts. If you spend time day dreaming your plans may just end up as a dream. Do you always turn up on time for appointments? Make sure you do this month otherwise it’ll have a negative impact on those you’re visiting. At times do you allow your words to run away with you? Keep a rein on your mouth this month, if you talk because you’re nervous take a deep breath. Don’t pass on information you wish others didn’t know. Don’t allow life to run you, take control and drive your own life.

October – Hold back & take more control

Your compassion for others is at times overwhelming, stop and think what this must feel like for a partner or family member to whom your attention is turned. You are receptive and reflective but at times struggle to cope with everyday life. October births often lack the responsibility for their own lives, they’re great at giving advice to others but take a back seat with their own. You’re developing feelings for either someone new in your life or an interest – either way enjoy this temporary distraction – it’ll do you good. How often do these come along? If someone new enters your life do not give your all, hold back and take more control.

November – Take a step back  (Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked)

You’re liable to make a mistake this month so take your time with decisions. Do you come across as cutting at times to others or ‘saying it how it is’? If so take a step back and think of the impact your words have on others. There are kinder ways of delivering a message it doesn’t have to always hurt or dig deep. If you are known for your controlling ways again take a step back – it isn’t necessary to always be 100% in control. You may receive a little bad news or be on the receiving end of gossip – whichever deal with it calmly and thoughtfully – you’ll come out on top.

December – Feeling liberated

The energy surrounding you this month offers you the opportunity to make a change to a situation you are unhappy with. Don’t leave it; take advantage of the energy. Is there something you are not facing up to or choosing to ignore the facts? Again you have an opportunity to redo something, these second chances don’t always come along. You are different in so many ways to other birth signs so don’t feel you have to always fit in with the status quo – you don’t. Constant change is part of a December birth’s life – get used to it – once accepted it is liberating.