December 2017

January – Be boring

You’re asked to be patient, to persevere and to show dedication to achieve anything and everything this month.  While others are out enjoying themselves you may find your working very very hard – go with it.  Be focused and direct your energy towards a goal or dream – make sure it’s realistic, plan towards it – it can happen.  Are you allowing others opinions to affect you?  Don’t – brush them off.  Walk the straight and narrow path this month, be boring and you’ll come out on top.  Once this month is over then be a little bit more spontaneous until then be boring!

February – Self control

What a beautiful energy surrounding you this month – try and take advantage of it by being loving and supportive to absolutely everyone.  You’ll be amazed at how much good energy comes back your way.  A wish may come true for you this month – fingers crossed!  At times you can allow your thoughts to get out of control and imagine something is happening when it isn’t – control these thoughts as they can be destructive.  Something you’ve built up that has taken time can be knocked down in an instant unless you’re careful.

March – Don’t be a follower, be a leader

Work is on the agenda this month.  Keep your head down, work hard and you’ll survive!  Do you normally follow your own path or someone else’s?  This month follow your gut instinct or that little light inside of you that wants you to go your own way.  Don’t be a follower, be a leader – be different, it is ok.  There may be a chance you’ll completely ‘lose your rag’ which could result in a massive falling out with a loved one.  Is it worth it?  Are you being irrational?  If your head feels as if it’s going to explode get outside in the air and breathe.

April – Tolerant & forgiving

Try and discard some of your responsibilities on to others – why are you taking everything on your shoulders – is it necessary?  By doing so what else are you avoiding?  There may be a few hiccups or problems this month preventing you from achieving either your end result or your potential.  Push through them.  Who around you is not telling the truth?  Is it you?  Someone is about to tie themselves up in knots from the yarns they’ve been spinning.  You may need to be more tolerant than usual and forgive a friend or loved one – just do it.

May – Push yourself forward

Family and home life are important during this phase – spending time with loved ones may elevate you from being on the ‘back foot’ in some way to being thought of as generous, kind and considerate.  Keep jealousy or feelings of wanting to emotionally control others to a minimum – bite your lip if need be.  Tact and diplomacy will ensure you come out on top.  If looking for companionship the time may just be right.  Don’t be frightened of pushing yourself forward.

June – Be truthful – Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Be wary of telling ‘tall tale’s this moth – being truthful is the right way forward.  Remember pride comes before a fall – so if ego is pushing you to exaggerate think of the consequences.  A relationship may be taking its toll on you – look at what’s wrong – is it worth fixing?  You’re asked to think long and hard about any decision you make – whatever you do don’t have a ‘knee jerk’ reaction.  Sometimes it’s better to wait and see how things are played out before you show your hand.

July – Be brave – Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

You have the ability to see both sides of an argument and this month is no different.  Step into someone else’s argument and help them see the truth.  July births can be fairly difficult to get to know – you’re everyone’s friend but no one actually knows the real you.  This month try and show your emotional side – there’s nothing to be frightened of by doing so.  To change a bad habit or to get out of a destructive relationship you simply have to start to think about it – it may not be as difficult as you initially thought.  If you want more then go for it.

August – Challenges and new beginnings

This may not be an easy month as all sorts of challenges and obstacles are in the way.  Whatever happens you are asked to face them head on and deal with life as it comes.  Some may feel a little lost or lacking in confidence – ignore those feelings.  Is someone trying to lord it over you?  Battle back – don’t allow someone else to run your life.  Take a few chances, breath new life into your everyday routine – remember to enjoy what you have.  A relationship, friendship or job may end, but remember life’s not over – perhaps it’s just beginning.

September – Be creative – Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

September births are naturally talented (many don’t realise it) this month give your creativity an outlet.  Paint, dance, write do whatever makes your soul sing – it’ll do wonders for you.  This month’s energy encourages you to begin new things: relationships, projects anything that requires bringing new energy into your life.  I know its Christmas but be careful of over drinking, eating etc. it’ll drag you down.  If you feel as if everyone’s against you – maybe they are – stand your ground, you’re not wrong.

October – Take control

Someone from your past may be trying to get into touch – think long and hard before you allow them back in.  Were your past experiences good with them or did they have too much control over you?  October births are naturally giving and overly loving towards others – they seldom think of themselves first – this time do.  You’re no push over – remember that.  Make plans for the future – be responsible.  Are you feeling a little vulnerable or at the mercy of life?  Take control back – put yourself in the driving seat for a change.

November – Grow – Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

Quite a big month for you, you may need to rearrange plans, make a big change in your life or simply rethink where you’re heading.  Don’t feel overwhelmed by it all, write it down, map it out and put your wishes out into the cosmos – someone is watching over you.  If you’ve recently had a loss of some form allow yourself enough grieving time – don’t be in a hurry to put a brave face on.  Be kind to yourself.  This month is about self development: what lessons can you learn and how can you grow from them?

December – Work for yourself

If you’re offered a training course or asked to study something – go for it.  There’s an opportunity here for you to gain ground in some way.  You may earn more money or it’ll enable you to get a job or improve your job.  Remember learning never ends unless you want it to.  Don’t be too proud to accept help or support if someone is offering it: take it.  Have you thought about working for yourself?  December births are better working for self than working for others.  You are naturally quick thinking, intelligent and inventive – go for it.