August 2017

January – Stop talking & Act

This month you’re asked to walk the path of diplomacy, regardless of what ‘flak’ is thrown your way deal with it nicely.  Still say how you feel and stand up for yourself, you’ll get more from it than being argumentative.  If you have spent time thinking about doing something – do it – actions speak louder than words.  Perhaps a major reassessment is required, remember the thinking is worse than the actual doing.  Acknowledge any mistakes and move on.

February – Learn to deal with deep emotions

If you’re feeling misunderstood then examine why.  Do you naturally over give or expect someone else to do all the ‘giving’?  Whichever it is the balance isn’t right.  If you have a terrible temper that not many see or simmering anger learn to deal with it properly.  Don’t allow your repressed emotions to control you.  Something you wanted to work may not turn out as you expected – were you being realistic?  You have two choices go with what you’ve got or be ‘down in the dumps’.  Going with the former may open another door for you.  Have you ever thought about working for yourself?  Follow whatever idea you have this month to see how realistic it is.

March – Relax

You may love gossip but step back from it this month. Don’t get involved in any petty conversations – you may be overhead and just imagine the hurt it’ll cause.  You’re known for being fast and able to cover a number of things at once – but at what cost to your sanity?  Is your head always overflowing with thoughts?    Try and relax even for a few minutes every day – it’ll work wonders on your overall confidence and emotional state.  Someone may try and ‘get one over you’ so keep an eye out otherwise you’ll end up kicking yourself.

April – Relationships

You may be holding audience this month – you have the gift of the gab so use it to your advantage.  If you want a relationship keep an eye out for someone coming back onto the scene, if you fancy someone new then go and capture them.  Do you have the upper hand in relationships?  If not make sure you break new ground and find equal footing.  Don’t always try and keep the peace it isn’t emotionally healthy.  If you feel like ‘blowing your top’ don’t – talk or reason it out – you can’t come back from explosions.

May – Push yourself

Hmmm if you’ve been having a hard time of it lately, things should start to improve, in fact you may gain more ground than previously.  May births are not normally shy in coming forward so why aren’t you pushing that skill or hobby you have?  You could earn extra money.  The energy is there for you to expand and succeed.  Do you normally keep on top of finances?  Are your personal papers in order?  Something is amiss in your personal life that you are not on top of – now is the time to go through and check that you are managing everything at home properly.  An important decision needs careful weighing up.

June – Karma Read July monthly births too; they are closely linked

Some good news is on its way to you for some it may a dribble others it could be enough to turn life around.  Check your motivations this month and ensure that you are not only giving equal support to those around you but that your motivations stand up to scrutiny.  If you’re in it for a different purpose other than kindness karma has a way of fixing that.  New plans or ideas for the future can be laid out and planning can begin – don’t dither or delay as there will be obstacles or hindrances but you’ll have time to work on them.

July – Keep your nerve Read June monthly births too; they are closely linked

Be as flexible as you can this month as there may be fast changes, so keep up.  Keep your eye on the ball as you could miss a money making opportunity.  It’s there for the taking.  On the face of it July births are strong and courageous but inside tells a different story.  Keep your nerve and face the difficulties that arise, do not run from them (as many are prone to do).  Rein in any excessive behaviour, it won’t serve you well during this phase.  I know it sounds boring but finish anything you start – don’t leave any stone unturned.

August – Step down from being the boss

August births may enjoy being the boss but this month you’re asked to co-operate, work with a team and shine.  You may need to keep a zip on your quick tongue so as not to offend.  You’re being asked to prove yourself in some way.  Try not to get too caught up in the minor details just look at the bigger picture that others are seeing. If life isn’t going your way you have the ability to change it – don’t just opt for the first choice or idea though – look around.

September – Law & Order Read November monthly births too; they are closely linked

Legal matters are highlighted this month so be sure to read those divorce papers properly, literally any document you’re asked to sign or where you can fall foul of the law, even a parking ticket.  Be wary of giving your all to a good cause or to someone asking for your help – they may suck you dry unintentionally.  You might be feeling extra sensitive lately so a quick or rash judgment or decision may not be in your best interests.  Take time out to carefully consider your options.

October – What a month

Oh heavens do you feel as if life is forever testing you and pushing you?  Always remember you can bear it, you’re strong and able to take a lot on your shoulders.  If you’re waiting for a decision on something give it 3 months it needs that time to prepare everything.  Others around you are looking at you in awe so enjoy it and make the most of it.  Some are asked to move forward on their own, to do something original.  Don’t give in to thoughts that may be dragging you down – fight them.

November – Swoop in Read September monthly births too; they are closely linked

If you’ve recently lost a war of words, an argument, a job or anything – don’t give in.  Learn from these experiences and ensure it doesn’t happen again.  Whatever you do don’t play the victim card – resist it.  You may need to help a friend or family member who isn’t coping.  Swoop in and use your logic and reason to sort the situation – you’ll make a friend for life.  The signs are there for a new adventure or the start of something that could take you on a new path in life – go for it.

December – Branch out

Embrace new ideas this month, don’t just stick to the tried and tested – branch out and be different.  Make your mark on the world and enjoy doing it.  All aspects of home life are highlighted this month, from being there, keeping the peace and ensuring everyone at home is comfortable – you’re asked to put yourself on the back burner.  Is there something you’ve been pushing for but struggling to achieve?  If so sometimes you just have to accept your limitations and work around them.  This doesn’t mean giving in, it means finding another way or route to what you want.